Why I Cut YouTube Out Of Our Home-Half Stay At Home Mom
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Why I Cut YouTube Out Of Our Home

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YouTube Addiction

So, we have had a crazy rough time around my house with my children’s addiction to YouTube. Like, seriously, ADDICTED!

My kids would watch all innocent, kid shows. Some of their favorites were EvanTube, EthanGamer, Ryan’s Toy Review.

I’ve actually sat with them and watched these shows and never saw anything that would surprise or shock me in any way. I actually liked some of the videos.

However, since I have been hearing about some things happening, we put the brakes on YouTube real fast!

It’s actually been about three weeks since we haven’t had YouTube in our home and I am loving it! I feel like my kids are back to normal again. YouTube isn’t controlling their lives anymore.

I’m way more comfortable now because I don’t worry about some freak show hacking into their show to show them how to kill themselves. Like who does that?

I would love to meet these psychopaths to ask them what their motive is for this?

Are they just that evil? Seriously?

What’s Happening

The news I’ve been hearing is about some character called Momo that will pop up in the middle of the kid’s show on YouTube. This character is super creepy.

It kind of looks like a face but with their features super exaggerated and their voice sounds like a kids voice.

They will pop up on their show and teach them ways to kill themselves.

Things like this need to stop! Why are they targeting our children? This sickens me to the core.

I’m not sure if any child has actually followed through with their demands but I do know that some children need to get therapy after seeing this character.

It’s frightening!

Our children are very impressionable and are likely to fall for dumb things like this. That’s why we got rid of YouTube at our home. It’s not worth the risk to me at all.

As a parent, we should be monitoring things our children watch to make sure they aren’t learning crazy things. My parents never did things like that when I was growing up.

I was free to watch whatever I found on TV. Now that I think back, I would have never let me watch some things if I were my mom. She didn’t know though.

With the world being the way that it is now, and it’s only going to get worse, we need to be proactive parents and monitor what they do.

All I want is for my kids to be safe, healthy, and happy individuals.

Why I Cut YouTube Out Of Our Home-Half Stay At Home Mom

What I’ve Learned

Since not having YouTube in our home, I have noticed a significant difference in my children’s behavior and attitude.

I know they never saw this Momo character and I am happy about it.

Now they are spending more time actually playing with each other. My youngest is enjoying playing with playdough and when he wants to watch TV, he will watch good old American cartoons!

On occasion, he will ask for a specific YouTube show. I just keep reiterating that we don’t watch YouTube anymore. He doesn’t push back at all anymore.

The first few days were difficult but it’s been three weeks now and the older ones don’t ask for it at all. They honestly don’t care.

If something changes with YouTube and they can control the hackers, I might consider letting my kids watch a show or two. Who knows though.

Things are going to great right now, I might not even reintroduce it at all. I would rather have them read a book them watch YouTube anyway.

Taking YouTube away has been the best decision I could have ever made for my kids. They are happier and are less cranky towards each other. This makes my mom heart happy.

If you haven’t gotten rid of YouTube yet, I encourage you to try and remove it from your children’s lives. You will see the difference in their behavior in only a few days after they get used to not having it.






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