Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home (2)
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Valentine’s Crafty Wreath For The Home

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I never used to think of myself as being a crafty person but I gotta say, over the last year I have really been enjoying doing crafty things.

Crafts are very relaxing and kind of therapeutic because you are sitting in silence, really focused on the task at hand.

Valentines is coming up quickly and I wanted to do something fun for my kids to enjoy and cute to have in the house. This Valentine’s wreath was the perfect thing!

The dollar store is where I scored everything I needed for this craft. All the things you see only cost me, 7 buckaroos! I was super excited about this deal.

Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home-Half Stay At Home Mom

Seriously, this valentine’s project only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. The dollar store already had the heart metal frame for me so the ribbon was easy to apply to it.

I actually made a Halloween wreath a few months ago. Check that one out here!

So, what I did was I took these cute ribbons and cut them into 15 inch long pieces. You can technically go longer or shorter. Do whatever you like here. The longer the ribbon is, the longer they will be on the frame.

The shorter the ribbon, the shorter it will look on the metal frame. Just go by what you think is pretty. I like the way mine turned out.


Metal Heart Frame

Pink Ribbon

Purple Ribbon

Light Pink Ribbon

That’s all folks! You can’t get any more simple than that. This was super fun to make and looks so cute on my door. I hope you will try it for yourself.


So, take your ribbon and cut them into 15-inch pieces. Longer or shorter, depending on what you like. Then take each piece and tie a knot around a metal bar.

Alternate between the different colors to make it look cute. Repeat this step all the way around the metal frame until you get the look you want. The more ribbon you add, the more full it will look.

Make it as full or as sparse as you like. I like it to look really full so I added more.


Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home-Half Stay At Home Mom

This is what it looks like when I was just starting to put the knots on the metal frame. It began to get more full as I added more. The ribbon naturally curls on its own which gives it a really cute look.

Here is what it looks like as you add more ribbon.

Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home-Half Stay At Home Mom


I went through three and a half sets of the ribbon. I still have leftovers for however I decide to use it.

I’m quite proud of my valentine’s crafty wreath and it makes my house look so festive! My kids really love the look of it too. The dollar store has easily become one of my go-to spots for easy, budget-friendly crafts.

If you like doing crafts but don’t have the budget for it, just head over to the dollar store and see what you can come up with. I promise there is always something there.

Here is my finished product!

Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home- Half Stay At Home Mom

So, what do you think? Can you make this craft on your own? I believe in you! Let me know your thoughts down below.

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