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Traveling Through Italy

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Italy In 6 Days



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People, it is possible to travel Italy in 6 days! I do not recommend it though! Well, it was actually 8 days but I take out the 2 days for travel time. Six days is just not enough to fully soak everything in. I would definitely recommend at least 10 days. On this trip, we would be visiting Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast and Naples.

Last year at the end of September, we had the opportunity to travel to Italy. My husband spent some time there when he was younger and he hadn’t returned for about 14 years. He was super excited and I was more nervous about leaving the kids then excited!

One thing I had to do was organize everything before the trip. Figure out meals, school pick up, school drop off, etc. That was a super stressful time for me. I kept telling my husband I didn’t want to leave the kids. I never took a trip that far away from my kids, EVER! I was scared they would need me, I was afraid to fly over the Atlantic ocean and I was just scared of the unknown!

This is my husband and I at the airport where we had a layover for a few hours. I was totally anxious here but you would never know since I am smiling through it! Dumb, I know! I’m a mom! What do you expect?

When we got off the plane in Rome, the craziness began! We were completely jet lagged but that didn’t stop us. We had places to go and things to see. The first stop was the Vatican Museums!

Check this out! This is up on the ceiling! This was insane to me! How so many years ago, like in 1506, without our current technology and tools, someone was able to paint this up so high. It is amazing and it was beautiful in person. Everywhere you walk in Italy, the streets are mostly in ruins. Building are so OLD but people have continued to live in them! To be honest though, Italy is beautiful but it is a very dirty place. Definitely do not keep your valuables easily accessible because it will get stolen!

This was our breakfast pretty much every morning. We would eat whatever pastries we could find and the drink is called Cappuccino d’Orzo which is roasted barley and they just brew it like coffee. It is seriously so delicious!! Seriously!! You guys need to try this!!

The picture above was taken in Florence at the Piazzale Michelangelo.  I had my husband type that name in for me since I would have completely butchered it! Italian is so beautiful, isn’t it?

There is a bridge in Florence, Ponte Vecchio. This bridge has had shops on it since the 13th century. Today though, the bridge only holds goldsmiths and jewelers. It is a pretty awesome site to see!

OK, I have a very important location I am going to talk about now. It is the Gelateria La Carraia! Gelato people!! Now, I know here in the U.S. there are places that claim they have the best gelato. They are WRONG!! There is no way anyone can or ever will replicate the flavor and density of gelato. The gelato from Italy and namely this Gelateria La Carraia is LIFE CHANGING! I am not kidding! I promise!

Here is my super handsome husband in front of La Reggia which is a palace by the way. Apparently, there is a scene in one of the Star Wars movies that was filmed inside this palace. The palace is crazy huge and extremely gorgeous!


The picture to the left is a nursery and those are bassinets. I honestly think it is pretty creepy and would never want to put my babies in there. The other picture is of an extravagant bed in one of the many rooms in the palace.

 This picture was taken on the Amalfi Coast! This place will take your breath away! The views are just amazing!


 I realize if you’re not a seafood lover, this dish will not look appetizing to you. I am a huge seafood lover and this dish was freaking AMAZING!! The view by the way was of the Mediterranean Sea as we were eating our lunch! You can’t beat that, man!


Don’t mind my squinty face here! The sun was shining so freaking bright in my eyes, I couldn’t even open them. Anyway, we are in Pompeii in the top two pictures. Have you ever read about Pompeii? The history is pretty incredible. In 79 A.D.  Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Pompeii under ash and rocks. It was discovered in the 18th century and to this day there are still areas they are excavating! They have areas of the city where you can see the outline of the bodies that was made by the volcanic ash. The ash has preserved them perfectly. You can even see some of the expressions on the faces. It is actually quite haunting but very interesting. This is a must see site. I would recommend taking 2 days to go through it completely. We couldn’t even make it through the entire city in the few hours we were there.


The picture above is the remains of the Colosseum. They used to hold people vs. beast games there thousands of years ago. Remember the movie Gladiator? If you want to get an idea of what went on you can watch that but obviously keep in mind that it is a movie, so ya!


This was one of my many dinners I ate in Italy. I had to show you because it was one of my favorites. This was taken in a restaurant in Florence. They were the biggest ribs I have ever seen and the most delicious! T-bone steak is the most popular thing you can eat in Florence. It is called bistecca alla Fiorentina. I opted for these ribs though and I was not disappointed!

That pretty much is a short snippet of my Italy trip. I wanted to share with you some tips though so you can have a smooth trip!

  1. Stay at Air BnB’s. If you book a hotel you will end up spending way more money!
  2. Ask your Air BnB host where the good places are to eat. They are locals so they would know!
  3. Shop at the San Lorenzo market in Florence. It is an outdoor shopping space where you can negotiate pricing on items. I bought a cute leather shoulder bag there for only $15 bucks
  4. Eat all the food! There are no diets on vacation. OK?
  5. If someone tries to hand you something to hold, do NOT take it from them. This is a ploy some of the tricksters try so they can get you to pay for whatever it is. If they somehow get you to hold it, just place it on the floor and walk away.
  6. Get some good walking shoes because you’ll be walking for miles a day. I remember our longest day was 15 miles! My feet and legs were throbbing!
  7. Do not place things in your pockets because they will be gone before you know it. Try one of those sinch bags without zippers. Nobody can get into these suckers. I’m telling you, they are cool!
  8. Another really important thing I HIGHLY recommend are those wallet belts. It kind of looks like a fanny pack but it isn’t because you wear it against your skin and under your shirt. It is pretty thin and can fit a cell phone, small wallet or cash and your ID. This one is water resistant and it has RFID block protection. This means that nobody can scan your credit cards in passing because the wallet blocks it! How cool is that? My husband wore this while we were there and nothing was stolen. It was awesome!
  9. Try and stay away from the touristy areas because restaurants cost a whole lot more and they aren’t as good as where the locals usually eat.
  10. Take snacks and water bottles in your sinch bag along with you since you’ll be walking a ton! You’ll definitely need some energy to carry you through.

This Italy trip was super amazing and memorable! If you get a chance to go to Italy, please go! You will not regret the great experiences you’ll have there. My husband can speak Italian so communicating wasn’t all that difficult. However, if you can’t speak Italian, don’t worry about it! The people there are friendly and most of them do speak English!

Have you ever been to Italy? If so, I want to hear about your experience!



  • Giulia Piazzi

    Hey Talin, I’m glad you loved Italy. I’m Italian, but I’m living in the US. Your post is great and I can confirm everything you said 🙂 (Fiorentina is delicious, Capuccino and Gelato are amazing….I love Italian food and I miss it sooooo much!). Next time you go to Rome you MUST try CACIO E PEPE (it’s one of their speciality) it’s just unbelievable!
    Amalfi is breathtaking! <3

    • Talinanderson

      I just asked my husband about this and he said its super good! He said he made it for me before, which I cant remember! I’ll try it in Italy next time I go!

  • Reverend Rae

    Loved the visuals of your experiences & that you used Air BnB, which is what my son & his family do when they travel. In my youth, I adored the adventure of traveling, but haven’t yet made it to Italy.

  • Vessy

    Excellent post with amazing suggestions about a quick, but filled with excitement trip to Italy. It happens to be one of my favorite countries, and I have visited several times, but still never been to the Amalfi Coast! It is definitely on my bucket list! 🙂

  • Becky

    Looks like a super fun trip. Don’t feel like you’re the only one who is more stressed than excited about trips without the kids- I always feel anxious about even an overnight!

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