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While I was prepping for my Italy trip, there were some things we needed to think about. I knew we were going to be renting a car for some cities there but all of the cars there are generally small, kind of like the smart cars here. Trunk space would be an issue for storing luggage and we were going with another couple so imagine a tiny trunk full of 2 large suitcases. Ya, it wasn’t going to work.

We did a lot of research and we found some awesome hiking backpacks that would work exactly for what we needed! Our Italy stay wasn’t going to be too long so we were able to fit everything we needed in the bags with some planning obviously! It was important for us to plan our outfits beforehand so we would have exactly what we needed for the time we were there. I knew exactly what I would wear every day on my trip as well as pajamas and underoos!

The backpacks fit in the trunks perfectly! You know what else? There was never a worry of losing our luggage on our flights since we had a layover. Our bags were perfect for just a carry-on! Could you imagine the horror of going to another country and losing your luggage? I never want to know what that feels like!

Since I needed to plan all my outfits beforehand, I felt super organized and it helps relieve some of my stress. I took 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of capris. I had 1 swimsuit and a pair of sandals. The other pair of shoes were my tennis shoes since we would be walking a ton, I needed to be comfortable!

On the flight to Italy, I knew it was going to be super long. I found these cool flying pillows that helped get me more comfortable on the flight. They are compact enough to fold and tuck into the side pocket of the backpack, so that’s awesome!

These traveling tips would work for literally any trip. If you don’t want to take a huge luggage then try this hiking backpack! It’s so much better than lugging around s huge suitcase. Since we knew we were staying at an Air BnB, we knew they would have towels, hairdryers and laundry soap for us so that helped us save more space in our bags. I definitely will be using the hiking bag for my next short trip because this was totally awesome! There were nooks and crannies for everything!

Man, talking about Italy makes me want to go back so bad!! It was so amazingly beautiful and awesome! The people there were super friendly and happy to see you all the time! There is something magical about that place and I hope you can experience this once in your life!


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