Top 5 Ways To Prevent Tantrums-Half Stay At Home Mom
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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Tantrums

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Tantrums are the worst thing to deal with whether you’re in your home or outside of it.

They drive me crazy and make me really angry.

When you have a small child, tantrums are inevitable. They are still learning how to control their emotions and most of the time, they lose the battle with their emotions.

Here is exhibit A:

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While I am dealing with a tantrum, I am trying not to start my own full-blown toddler tantrum.

People will think I’m insane.🤷‍♀️

With these tantrums, I’ve noticed a pattern that has worked for me. Obviously, I don’t have a magic pill to completely stop it but I have found some things that can help.

Give Them Attention

On the day that I need to go to the market, I have been giving my little one extra attention. I’ll play with him, joke around, dance, do whatever it takes to make him happy.

While I am doing my best to make him happy, I am actually having fun too. It’s a win-win for me.

Then when it’s time to go, he is excited to go with me because we’ve had so much fun together already. Putting his shoes on doesn’t start a war.🙌

Offer Distractions

The worst part of going to the store for me is when I’m at the checkout stand and my little one sees all the goodies.

This is a huge alarm for a tantrum.

My best distraction for this is my phone. I find his favorite cartoon and put it on for him. This keeps him distracted enough for me to get out of there as fast as I can.

The greatest part is that he doesn’t even know that I pulled a fast one on him.

Avoid The Store When Your Child Is Tired

I usually know when my little one is tired and I try to avoid going anywhere at all costs.

I’ve been out while he was tired and I regretted that immediately.

Sometimes, we just have to go to the store or somewhere and there’s nothing we can do about it. These are usually the times when he has a tantrum.

This doesn’t mean you cant ever do anything. You do what you got to do.

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Offer Choices

It’s no shocker that children want to feel in control. We know that the parent is always in control but it’s ok to have your child feel like they are in “control” sometimes.

I can ask my child things like “do you want to wear these shoes?” or “do you want to wear these instead?”

“Do you want chips for a snack?” or “do you want a fruit snack instead?”

These are just samples of how to give them some control.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Tantrums-Half Stay At Home Mom

Ask Them For Help

Children tend to feel important when they are “helping” someone.

My little one loves to be involved in the shopping experience. He will hold the bag open for me while I put in the apples. He loves to push the cart for about four feet until he runs into something, and he likes to choose all the candy in the candy bins.

Another thing he likes to do is put the produce on the counter at the cash register.

All these things do make my shopping trips a bit longer but, I’ll late it if it means I don’t have any tantrums in the middle of the grocery store.

I’ve dealt with one too many of these and honestly, I can’t bear to take another one right now. I do whatever I can to make the little booger happy.

Since implementing these little alterations to my shopping trips, I have noticed that things have been easier for me.

I would love to know what you do to avoid tantrums down in the comments.

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