Top Survival Tips For Working Moms To Keep You Sane!-Half Stay At Home Mom
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Top Survival Tips For Working Moms To Keep You Sane!

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I’m not a full stay at home mom. I have a job as an RN but I do it part time so I can be home more with my kids. I know many don’t have the ability to stay home with their kids and actually work 40 hours a week to pay their bills. I remember when I used to work graveyards as a nurse and came home in the mornings to my small children and I would get about 3 hours of sleep, total! Needless to say, my house suffered because I had no energy! I did that for 4 years! Never again!

Most of you don’t work graveyards…lucky! But, you still need to come home in the evenings and try to maintain your sanity.

Unfortunately, working these many hours makes it hard on your home. Keeping the house clean can become a challenge when you’re gone most of the day. I created the top 5 survival tips for working moms to help you on your way. If you need a cleaning schedule for the working mom, I got you covered. Check out my chart here.

Now, to the survival tips for you moms out there…

Top Survival Tips For Working Moms To Keep You Sane!-Half Stay At Home Mom

One On One With Kids

Spending some quality time with each kid is really important. Put aside at least 15 minutes per kid and talk to them about their day. Help them with their homework and talk to them about any concerns they may have at school or upcoming projects.


There is nothing like coming home from a long day and needing to also cook dinner for your family. It actually really stinks! I usually stick to crockpot meals and I make double the amount for leftovers the next day. Life is a whole lot easier when you have leftovers. My kids have become accustomed to leftovers since I don’t cook daily. I try to cook meals at least 3 or 4 times a week for my family. The rule at dinner is no electronics because being gone all day, you’ll want to spend all the quality time you can with your family. Dinner is a time to discuss everyone’s day and make sure all is well.


It is so important to set a routine for your kids to keep the ship sailing smooth. After, dinner, everyone rinses off their dishes and puts it in the dishwasher. Next everyone gets a shower or a bath, dress in pajamas and time to relax. Take this time to set out the kids clothes for the morning. You can also prepare their lunches for the next day so in the morning you won’t need to.

We take the evening as an opportunity to watch a show as a family. You can also read books with your kids if they enjoy that. Make sure the kids get to bed at a reasonable time so that you can also get your sleep. Working all day will exhaust you and it is important to your survival to get the sleep you need. When I was doing graveyards, I never got enough sleep and I was seriously always angry. My husband is very grateful that I no longer to those shifts.

Quality Time With Your Spouse

Now that everyone is off to bed, you’re able to relax and talk to your husband. Sometimes, I forget that he needs attention too. I can be so wrapped up in the kids needs that I forget that my husband needs to talk and get things off his chest. It’s a good thing to keep their best interest in mind too. It’s so easy to lose your connection with your spouse. Make sure you keep him a priority so all will be well in your home.

Me Time

Don’t forget, you need some time too. Take the weekends for yourself and do something that you love to do! You work hard so you deserve some time for your own survival. Don’t neglect your needs! It is difficult to take care of your family when you aren’t in a good place yourself.

I hope my survival tips for you working moms has helped you. Are there other things that you try and do to keep your sanity during the week? I would love to hear about them below.

Top Survival Tips For Working Moms To Keep You Sane!-Half Stay At Home Mom

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