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Tell me, is there something you love to do so much that you feel it is therapeutic? You feel that you need to do it no matter what? I have something that is exactly that for me! I love to make bracelets!!

Right now the type of style that I am into are the Pura Vida style bracelets. I love the style of those and they are fun to make. Disclaimer: I do not claim to work for Pura Vida and I am not in any way affiliated with them, ok? So don’t turn me in to the Pura Vida police, please! I usually make my bracelets colorful with some silver beads to give it extra character. The Pura Vida style bracelets are water proof since they are wax coated so you can wear them in the pool or at the beach! Oh and they are so girly! My favorites are the super dainty styles. They look so feminine on your wrist!

The next type of bracelets I like to make are the leather wrap style! I love looking for sparkly beads that shine beautifully in the light. Usually I like making them long enough to wrap around my wrist 3 times. Obviously it is more time consuming but its a good sacrifice to have a pretty accessory in the end. Right? There are so many different things you can make if you just give it a try! Let your creative juices flow and have fun!

I think what I love most about making jewelry is that I get to sit in silence without the kids and just think about anything. I don’t get to do this as much as I would like because school has to come to an end at some point. Why? I mean, Right?

I would like to make a video and show you step by step how I make these wrap bracelets and the Pura Vida style bracelets. I have an ETSY shop where I already have them made and you can check that out too.

I want to know what things you enjoy doing. Leave me a comment below!


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