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The Ultimate Guide To Summer Safety For Kids

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The Ultimate Guide To Summer Safety For Kids

It’s been so nice being home with the kids so far this summer. This might change in a few weeks thoughūü§£ūü§£.

As you all know, I am a registered nurse specializing in pediatrics. I am around kids ALL.THE.TIME.

I know a thing or two about child safety. Summer safety for children is one of the most important things to learn about, especially if you’re going to be outside a lot this summer.

So, how can we keep our children safe this summer?

Here Is The Ultimate Guide To Summer Safety For Kids:

    • ¬†Hydration! The problem with kids is they forget things quickly. Hydration is so important for summer safety because kids get dehydrated quickly. My son forgets to drink water so I’m constantly reminding him to drink. What I found to help him keep up his hydration is to make him drink every time I see him so he doesn’t get dehydrated. Also, I buy watermelon a lot in the summer and my kids luckily love it. Since watermelon is so juicy, it can be used as a source of hydration. Also, I know this is so taboo but popsicles are another source of hydration when your kids can’t remember to come in for water. Usually, they never will forget to grab a popsicle or two! Also, if you feel that water is best, which I agree, then send them off with an insulated water bottle so they always have access to some hydration. Here is a good one that can keep fluids super cold.


  • ¬†Sunscreen! My children have very different skin tones. My daughter has fair skin with red hair so she will burn very easily. We just got back from a vacation to Lake Havasu and you better believe I slathered her in sunscreen every chance I got. She still got some color but she didn’t burn! My other children have more olive skin tones so they will tan easily and fast. Does this mean I shouldn’t put sunscreen on them? No way! I still slathered them with sunscreen. You cant take a chance with skin damage and possible skin cancer down the road. Be diligent with the sunscreen. I always recommend at least 50-70 SPF for the best coverage. I also like to use the sunscreens that go on like a lotion rather than the spray. First off, I can see the lotion going on as I rub it in their skin. The sprays can sometimes fly away with a light breeze which prevents it from sticking to the skin. I still use the spray but I prefer the lotion. Here is a great sunscreen that will benefit you this summer.

I like this sunscreen because it’s the lotion and its 12 ounces which makes it last a bit longer than the smaller sizes. The pump design makes it easier to get the lotion out of the bottle too.

The Neutrogena spray sunscreen works great for a quick spray if you don’t have the lotion available. It’s water resistant and has SPF up to 70 which is super awesome!

I like both of these options for my children’s skin and find it works great.

The Ultimate Guide To Summer Safety For Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom


  • ¬†Water Shoes! This is another one that I need to stress the importance of. Kids will run even though you have yelled at them 50 times telling them to stop running. This can be dangerous around the pool. It’s so easy to slip and fall on the hard concrete around the pool. Invest in some good water shoes for your kids so they don’t get hurt around the swimming pool. We get tons of broken bones in my clinic just from falls so summer safety around pools is necessary.

Here is a pair that I think would work great for children.



The above water shoes are great for your children’s safety around the swimming pool. The bottom is made of anti-slip rubber material so when your child starts running, they’ll be safer than not having swim shoes on. I bought a pair for each of my children and I don’t stress out as much when they run now.¬†

  • Nutrition! Let’s face it, kids forget to eat, at least mine do. So what can you do about it? They still need to eat just because they aren’t on as strict of a schedule as they were on when in school. They need to have a set time for lunch. Let your children know of the set time you’ll be serving lunch and if they are with a friend then they are also welcome to come over and eat if they want. My kids are always with kids from the neighborhood so feeding children that aren’t my own is a part of the norm around here. If they don’t want a huge lunch then pack them a bag full of snacks so they can always have something on hand!


  • Bike safety!¬†My kids love to be on their bikes and scooters when the weather is warm. My middle child thinks he is invincible and sometimes will forget to put his helmet on. Helmets are super important for summer safety. Make sure your children know to wear a helmet any time they are outside on their bikes to keep their noggins safe this summer.


  • Stranger danger!¬†My neighborhood is pretty safe, thank the heavens but you never know who is lurking around, right? The two older children know not to talk to strangers but I will still tell them anytime they are walking out the door to not talk to strangers. My three year old thinks anyone is his friend so I kind of need to be more cautious with him. Obviously, he’s not going around roaming the neighborhood without me! I’m on that kid like white on rice. He goes nowhere without me!

The Ultimate Guide To Summer Safety For Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom

There you have my ultimate guide to summer safety for kids! I hope you enjoyed all of my pointers and I hope you can utilize them this summer with your children.

If there are any other tips that would be beneficial to a safe summer for children, I would love to hear those ideas in the comments below. Let’s do all we can this summer to keep our children safe! Thanks.


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