The Best Work From Home Jobs For Moms-Half Stay At Home Mom
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The Best Work From Home Job For Moms

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I have always wanted to work from home and be able to stay with my kids. I started putting my brain to work and think about my options.

My life has been pretty busy the last year. Since starting my blog, I have had many collaboration opportunities that take up some time. I have loved it.

Starting my blog has been the greatest experience for me. I have been able to get out of my comfort zone a bit which is always scary for an introvert like me.

If you are interested in starting a blog, check out all my resources here.

In the last six month, I actually started another side gig which brings in some good income for me. I consider this my play money because my nursing job helps to pay the bills, ya know?

My husband has been enjoying the play money too because he is always wanting to go shopping, much to my dismay. I’m trying to save for a family trip to Disneyland!

Work From Home

My sister in law actually introduced this awesome company to me last year. The name of the company is Qkids. It is an online teaching company. Basically, I work from my laptop and teach the most adorable little Chinese kids English.

I don’t have a teaching degree. I have my nursing license and a TESOL certificate which I was able to get from Groupon. However, you do need to know how to engage little children so they have fun!

In my opinion, this company is the best ESL company to work for out there. In many different facebook groups, everyone raves about Qkids.

They are the most understanding and accommodating company you can ever work for.

Technically, I am considered an independent contractor with them so I hold no stakes in the company. As far as taxes go, I take out a portion of every check to set aside because as an independent contractor, you’re responsible for your own taxes.

Luckily, my husband is the numbers guy so he deals with this for me!😁

There are many other people who work from home full time doing this. They work for Qkids as well as another ESL company to supplement their income.

I know there are hundreds of ESL companies out there but Qkids gets the highest ratings! They are the best!

The Best Work From Home Jobs For Moms-Half Stay At Home Mom


In order to work for this company, they recommend you have a Bachelors degree or are currently enrolled in college working toward your degree.

Also, the Chinese government changed some laws so now they are requiring a TESOL certificate which is not difficult to get!

I got my TESOL from Groupon for $20. On their Qkids blog, they told their teachers that the Groupon TESOL would be accepted and that’s what I got.

I currently do not have a bachelors but I am planning on getting it in the fall.

Only people living in the USA or Canada are eligible to apply at this time. You will also need a strong internet connection.

Job Duties

As far as teaching goes, it is very fun and not difficult. The program is very user-friendly and the lessons are already set up for you. All you do is go on and teach it.

You’re able to go on beforehand to review the lesson and then when its time, you can teach it.

The program itself is interactive and animated. Every lesson is almost like a story for the children. They are able to narrate the story to you and play the games that pop up.

My job is to guide them through and help model the correct way to say words or phrases.

Seriously, it is a fun job.

This little side gig of mine has provided me to have my own play money which means I can do whatever I want with it! I don’t need to worry about what’s in the budget or not because this money is not accounted for in my budget at all!

The pay is between $16-$22/hour. It will vary with attendance and performance bonuses.

They require you to teach at least 12 classes for a minimum. I usually only do the minimum since I also have a nursing job and don’t want to overdo it.

The bookings are done by the Qkids staff which is great because we don’t need to wait for parents to book us. You’re never going to be out of classes to teach!

Recently, they were on a busy streak and some teachers were working a ton of extra hours to make more money.

Qkids has been a blessing for me and I have truly loved working for them. If you’re interested in working for this company too then check it out here.

I will get a referral fee if you get hired using my link. However, I would please ask you to only apply if you’re serious about making an income on the side. This is a legitimate work from home job. Serious inquiries only.

I am here to guide you through anything if you have any questions or if you need mentoring. They are an awesome company and from what I hear, the best ESL company out there!

Feel free to email me or put a comment below if you have any questions!




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