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The Best Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Kids

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Christmas gifts are one of those things that I struggled with for a long time. I have three kids so when I get them gifts, they’ll play with them for a few months then they are shunned aside forever.  This totally seems like a waste to me but then again, what am I supposed to do? Never buy them Christmas gifts?

No, I can’t do that because I would feel awful.

Somethings I realized is that Christmas gifts don’t need to cost a gazillion dollars to be special. Your kids will love whatever you give them.

Since my kids ages have a nice range, I came up with some awesome Christmas gifts you can get for your kids big or small that they will enjoy. The gifts I have chosen are not the same old stuff you see year after year.

I like to keep things interesting so the more unique, the better.

As far as babies under 1, I haven’t included anything because they won’t even remember Christmas. Get them a new blanket, pajamas, a rattle, whatever. It doesn’t matter and they don’t care.

I’ve also included some stocking stuffers too.

Christmas Gifts Ages 1-5

Here is one of my favorite Christmas gifts for kids because it is fun and educational which is super awesome. They use their imaginations playing with these and I even enjoy playing with these. Win-win!

This next one is awesome because it helps to keep your kids active and moving. I love toys that are for multiuse purposes. Moms can use this too for some extra exercise.

Here is a toy that I actually bought my middle child a while back for Christmas. It was his favorite gift and he played with is for a long time. He still will play with it sometimes. It kept him so busy and active so that I could have a moment to myself. This was a great buy for sure.

Christmas Gifts Ages 6-10

I heard about this next toy through some friends of mine that have a few already. Their kids love them and every time my kids go to play with them, this is all they want to play with. I would love to try this myself but I might break a hip, however, kids are much better at this type of thing and they love it. This pogo stick keeps them active and having fun for hours! We don’t have one of these but will probably invest in one this Christmas.

Some kids are into science. I never was but some really enjoy discovering things. This next toy is awesome for those kids who are future scientists. This toy gives them the opportunity to really use their brains and focus. They may need a little help from an adult but I’ll bet you would have fun with this toy too.

I was introduced to this next one by my niece who had these cameras at her wedding. It was such a clever idea for people to go around and take snapshots of each other. It is so retro and I am so glad these things are coming back in. My daughter absolutely loved this thing and has been begging me to get her one ever since. The Polaroid camera is super fun and makes my daughter feel like a blossoming photographer. This one I chose below actually comes with some extra film because I know you’ll need it.

So this next Christmas gift is special to me because I learned how to crochet when I was a teen and I sometimes still will do it. It is super relaxing and I can sit and think while I do it. My daughter has loved to sit and crochet as well. This gift is the perfect thing for anyone who is a beginner crochet enthusiast. It comes with everything you need to get started with easy instructions.

My middle boy and even my youngest will think this next toy is the most awesome thing they have ever seen. I am pretty sure this one is going on the Christmas gift list. The bow and arrow set is soft at the tip because it is foam so it won’t hurt if it gets you. It requires your kids to go outside and play with it because there is no way they would be doing this inside my house. To be honest, my daughter will most likely want one of these too. I would definitely get it on the fun with this toy too!

I really think this next one is pretty cool because it forces your kids to use their imagination and build new things. STEM toys are great for building a solid foundation in science, technology, and engineering. This is perfect for any kid who likes to put things together.

Christmas Gift Stocking Stuffers

What are Christmas gifts without the stocking stuffers, right? I love those things because they are small and still valuable in your kids eyes. Here are some ideas I have come up with that might be something you want to add into your stockings.

These color bath drops are awesome because they turn the bath water different colors BUT they don’t stain your tub. It washes right out. My kids have loved this in their bath. This is a simple and fun stocking stuffer for sure. I would recommend this one for the younger kiddos though.


Remember those glow in the dark stars you would get and stick on your ceilings when you were little? I do, and I loved them! These are perfect stocking stuffers for any kid. Mine have some now and they think it is the coolest thing.

This stocking stuffer can be used by the younger or older kids. It is fun to look at and will keep them mesmerized for a long time. These are actually nostalgic for me because I used to have these as a kid too. Call me lame if you want but these are super cool.

All these gifts I picked are obviously just guidelines for you. I have some of these toys already for my kids and only put them up if they love and use them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend them to you.

I sure hope you thought these unique Christmas gifts would be a hit at your house.

Do you have any other ideas for Christmas gifts that I missed but you think they will be awesome? I am open for recommendations. Let me know below.

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