The Best Fall Activities For Kids That Are Budget Friendly-Half Stay At Home Mom
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The Best Fall Activities For Kids That Are Budget Friendly!

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Well, guys, Fall is officially here. I have to say that besides Summer, Fall is my second favorite time of year. The leaves change, the weather is crisp, and the crockpot is back in full force with soups and chilies! I really do love this time of year.

Another thing that is super fun about this time of year is all the Halloween and Fall crafts that is totally happening. I have to admit that Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine because I get to see my kids run around in cute costumes and I get to eat their candy 🙂

I don’t eat all of it! Just some. I think of it as a service to them so I can help prevent cavities.

Doing crafts is always a fun fall activity because it’s super fun to do with the kids. It gets their brains working and they get to be active too!

I have put together a round-up list of fall activities for kids that you might like to do for some fun times!

The Best Fall Activities For Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom

Halloween Craft

My friend Cathy from Indie Tot created an article for a super fun and easy activity to do with your kids! The supplies can all come from the dollar store so that’s awesome!

Check out all the materials and ingredients you need here! Not only is this fun for a fall activity for kids, but it’s also educational for them. They get to feel like mad scientists while doing this one!

If you’re planning on trying this activity, I would head to the dollar store sooner rather than later so that they will have the supplies you’ll need. I would imagine that they have plenty of the Frankenstein or pumpkin heads right now being the end of September!

The Best Fall Activities For Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom


Decorating For Fall

I love to put out all my fall decorations in my house! It makes the season feel more real to me when I see pumpkins or anything that is in a shade of orange or red!

My kids love to do this fall activity because they’re able to use their imaginations and contribute to the beauty of our home.

My friend Daylin from, So Live Love Create put together a great article on how to decorate your home for the fall while sticking to a budget! I love this because you don’t need to spend thousands on supplies to beautify your home. Use what you’ve got on hand! If you’re needing some cool fall activities for kids then check her out here!

Check out a sample of what she has come up with! How cute is that for the entryway? I am in love with this!

The Best Fall Activities For Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom

She definitely has more options on her blog so go and check them out.

My other friend, Stephanie also has some super easy and budget-friendly fall activities for kids that you can do. She shows you step by step what you can do to make some fancy pinecones and pumpkins! If you have a decorative lantern, you can put those in there to decorate with. If interested in this craft, you can check it out right here!

Check out a little sample picture of her adorable pine cones here.

The Best Fall Activities For Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom

Why have I never thought of doing this? Seriously, it’s so easy and so pretty! The kids would love to participate in this craft and I’ll be getting these supplies very soon!

These will give the perfect touch of fall to your home and you can do it all on a budget so that’s a win for me!

Spooky Movies Safe For Kids

When I was a little girl, I used to love watching Halloween movies! Growing up being the youngest of all my siblings, you can imagine the Halloween movies they would watch! I would have nightmares for days but I somehow still loved to watch them.

Do you guys remember Freddie Krueger? What about Michael Myers? Those were horrifying!! Don’t allow your kids to watch these!

Side note, why did those women not run for their lives? I would laugh a little because they would run so slow when they thought they were being followed or in harm’s way. Like, run woman!

Now, I wouldn’t ever imagine allowing my kid’s watch the Halloween movies I used to watch as a kid. Watching Halloween movies is another fall activity you can do with your kids!

My friend Lisa from, Food Family and Chaos has a list of the perfect Halloween movies you can all watch as a family that shouldn’t cause any nightmares! If you’re stuck and can’t find any movies, you can find her list right here!

So, there you have a few fun fall activities for kids that are also budget-friendly.!

Do you have any fun fall activities for kids you’ve tried? I would love to hear about your ideas in the comments. Thanks for reading and I would love it if you can share this with your friends!

The Best Fall Activities For Kids That Are Budget Friendly-Half Stay At Home Mom


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