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Survivng A Long Road Trip With Kids

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 Surviving A Long Road Trip With Kids


We just got back from our road trip with the kids to Missouri.  Surviving this road trip was difficult but we did it! Luckily, we had a stop overnight in Colorado at a friends house to get some rest. The next morning, we were back at it again. Road trips are really fun and we do them a lot during the summer but it definitely is not easy.


I learned that DVD players are super important as well as a plethora of different DVD’s to watch for long road trips with kids. When we left Salt Lake, we only had like 4 DVD’s the kiddos picked out. I knew this wasn’t going to be enough but what do I know? I snuck away and bought a few more cheap DVD’s from the local Walmart in Missouri so the trip back was way more eventful for the kids.


I had so many snacks in the car which was awesome! There were healthy options as well as yummy snacks for the kids. The favorites were the mini Oreos and the mini bags of chips. For a healthier option, I bought the small cups of Hummus from Costco and cut up some fresh veggies which I kept in the cooler. I ate those when I felt hungry. Also, along with us, I brought small cups of Chobani yogurt which I would mix with some Grain Free Granola. These were super awesome to keep me semi on track. I’m not going to lie though, I did and do indulge when I want to. I am on vacation, ya know.

We have a van where the back middle seat can be removed. We took that seat out and put in the cooler right where that seat would go for easy access.


The kids brought along some fun activities from home to keep themselves busy while on the road trip in case they were tired of the DVDs. These included some books, things to color with, and stuffed animals. I also had them bring their pillows along for comfort.

I can say Miles did not read in the car. He has a sensitive stomach! Olivia read a lot while in the car. I have no clue how she can read in the car. I would have puked in five minutes!🤢🤢🤢🤢

Oh, I am a serious germaphobe which makes no sense since I am a nurse but whatever. I brought along a container of Lysol wipes for anything I felt needed a good wipe down. I also brought the antibacterial hand wipes for when our hands got sticky from snacks. This made me feel better for sure knowing that I could clean germs all up! My kids think I’m crazy and my husband probably thinks that too but I honestly don’t care!🤷‍♂️

OK, back to the sensitive stomach issues! We were literally 30 minutes into the road trip and my youngest decided to barf all over himself! So, what do I do? I freaked out a little bit but then I thought, ok, how am I going to survive this road trip? We ended up buying some Dramamine for all the kids! This stuff is a lifesaver!! I HIGHLY recommend you buy some before leaving on a long road trip!

Also, take breaks to stretch your legs. The kids were getting super antsy so it is very important to have them run around for a few minutes so they don’t go insane! Same goes for you! Stretch out so you won’t go cray-cray!🤣🤣

Here are some fun photos of the area we stayed in. Super duper rural! Olivia begged me to dye her hair with Kool-aid, so we gave it a whirl! It was a pretty fun experiment and we may try some more bold colors next time!

Long Road Trip With Kids To Missouri  Activities for kids in Missouri   Long Road Trip With Kids


Activities to do while on a trip with kids

When you’re out in the country like we were, you always need to do smores! That is always a staple for us when we go there because they live in the middle of nowhere so building a fire isn’t against any rules!

All in all, surviving this long road trip with kids was not all that bad! The driving sucks but we made it and all was well! I always hate leaving from a vacation but it is so nice to be home in your own comfort!

Have you been on a long road trip with your kids? How did you survive through it? I would love to read your comments below!



  • Tiarra

    I’ve done a long road trip but with a dog and cat instead of kids. Some of the same considerations though! The snacks was a big deal- I did all of the driving in nearly 7,000 miles because I get carsick, so snacks is a must in staying awake! I loved having the yogurt, and an electric cooler was the best idea!

    • Talinanderson

      OOh, it would be hard going on a trip with animals too! I’ve never had to do that but it’s good to know there are some similar considerations. Thank you for your comment.

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