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Summertime Reading For Your Kids

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Do your kids voluntarily read on their own during summertime? Yes? Well, consider yourself the luckiest person on the planet.

Reading for your kids is something that needs to continue over the summer so that they don’t fall behind when they go back to school.  My kids aren’t those people who like to get up and read so we’ve been working at it for a few weeks.

I have actually implemented reading in our daily routine so it’s becoming easier. The dream is that they would read all the time but, let’s be honest, I’m not that lucky. We actually have a chore chart that’s taped up in our kitchen with the daily tasks they need to accomplish and reading is on that list of things to do.

My daughter is a great reader. She is reading books all the time and it makes me so happy!

I’m still working on turning my boys into avid readers but here are a few things that I have found to help the reading situation.

Reading Needs To Be A Family Activity

Reading for your kids should be a family affair. The more you show your kids that you like to read, the more they will be willing to read too. We have a routine in our home in the morning where the kids get up and after doing their chores, they have to read for 20 minutes.

As long as all the kids are doing this then they are all happy to read at the same time. We start the timer and they go from there. Sometimes, they will even read past the 20 minutes, hallelujah!

Nobody is allowed to turn on the TV or play any games while its the designated reading time in our home. This makes it easy for the young ones who get distracted so easily when there is a  TV on.

Have An Array Of Books

To keep your kids continually interested in reading books, make sure you have a good amount of options available for them so they don’t get bored. You definitely don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new books for this but maybe to pique their interest you can buy one new book to get them started.

There is also the local library you can visit to have your kids look at all the options they have and see what they would like to read.

My kids personally love the “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” and “Dork Diaries” books. They like it so much, they read them over and over again.

Just stick with what your kids like and reading for your kids will be fun every time.

My next project is to get them to start reading the Harry Potter series because it’s my favorite.

Summertime Reading For Your Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom

Make It A Challenge

Don’t make it hard, just make it a fun challenge! Reading for your kids should always be interesting. Is there anything they really want? Maybe try bribing them.

For example, maybe they have wanted to buy a special something for a long time but haven’t earned it yet. Make a reading competition for them so they can possibly win whatever it is they have been wanting forever.

Set some milestones or goals up for them. They should read a full chapter book within a week and a half to keep on pace with the summer reading schedule. You’ definitely want them to read a few books over the summer. I would set a goal to have them read at least 5 books over the summer to earn something they really want.

Also, if you really want to make it challenging you can have them put together a report for you at the end of the summer to talk about what books they read and what they liked about each book. This can get them extra “points”, ya know?

Reading For The Little Kiddos

If you are in a household with really young kids who can’t read yet, make it a point to have them “read” during this designated time too. Obviously, you’ll need to sit with them and help them read or read to them but establishing this routine with them will make them grow up loving to read.

The little ones do need to have a good example around them to follow and look up to. When they see everyone reading around them, they will also want to do it. It’s quite simple.

Reading for your kids is super important to establish at a young age and it is so great for their mental development so don’t take this responsibility lightly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tips for summertime reading for your kids. Do you have any other tips that I haven’t talked about yet? I want to hear about your ideas down below!


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