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Summer Daily Tasks

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Summer Daily Tasks


Ahh, summer will be here any time now and if you’re worried about your kids watching TV all day long, STOP! I got you! Over the past few years, I have been perfecting lists for my kids that they need to cross off as they finish! This list keeps them accountable for their daily responsibilities. They aren’t allowed to move to the next task until their current task is finished. When they are done with each task, they can mark it off.

My kids really enjoy the daily checklist because it gives them things to do. Also, it makes me happy that their brains aren’t turning into mush with TV and electronics all day long!

Recently I have made a new list with pictures and words for toddlers and older kids. If you would like this FREE printable, you can find it at the bottom of this post!

I would recommend laminating it and using a dry erase marker to check the items off! Another thing you can do is have magnets you can put on the little box to show it has been completed! Enjoy!


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