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Every year, we decide on a trip we want to take with the kids and do it. This year, we decided to go on a road trip to Missouri. We have family that lives there so, why not?

The area in Missouri that we travel to is super rural, like Wizard Of Oz rural. They have tornado season and all! Luckily, the time of year we’re going will be ok. Fingers crossed!

Missouri during this time of year is extremely green and humid. The humidity, I can live without! The greenery is super beautiful and lush!

We really do enjoy going there though. The slow-paced, quiet life is nice for a change. My family there lives on their own farm with a bunch of animals! My kids seriously LOVE it! They go out every morning and feed the chickens, gather eggs, pet the goats, and help Grandma and Grandpa with whatever they need.

Every morning for breakfast, we eat the farm fresh eggs! Have you ever tried farm eggs? They are so much better than store-bought. The yolks are on the orange side too. They are so much richer in flavor! No hormones and all natural.

There is an awesome Mexican restaurant that we love to go to! When it comes to these Missouri trips, all dieting is thrown out the window, within reason! I make it a point to enjoy myself in every way!


So, I have 3 kids and the drive from Salt Lake City to Missouri is about 17 hours!! Kill me! We are luckily stopping over in Colorado so it won’t be a straight shot!

I have been thinking of ideas for things my kids can do to keep them busy in the car.

1)DVD player and movies– I’ll be sure to bring each kid earphones so that I won’t be able to hear their movies the entire time!

2)Puzzles- I love these for my kids because it helps to keep the kids minds active during the long car ride.

3)Coloring Books-The adult coloring books keep my kids busy for a while because they are so intricate. I’ll definitely bring some of these.

4)I spy bags

5)Card games

6)Pillows-If they get tired, they can place the pillow against the window and take a nap.

7)Small blankets- My kids are definitely blanket people. They are always cold so blankets are a high priority on a long road trip.

8)Road trip music playlist-This is more for me! I need some good music when going on a road trip! My husband will spend the week before just compiling a new playlist for us to listen to. I would recommend this to anyone.

9)Comfortable clothes- There is nothing worse than driving in a long car ride with jeans on! Ugh, the thought makes me ill! I always wear leggings so I can relax.

10)Hand Sanitizer- Its no secret that I’m a germaphobe! I’m an RN and when I work, I wash my hands constantly. On a road trip, I just feel gross. I keep the hand sanitizer close by because it makes me feel better. Don’t judge me!

11)Sanitizing wipes- Sometimes the wipes are more convenient than having the liquid sanitizer to wipe off hands or steering wheels…

12)Phone chargers-You’ll need your car chargers for sure so you can have your phone available incase of emergencies or anything else you may need.

 Snacks For Kids

  • Juice boxes or Gatorade
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers
  • Trail mix for protein
  • Beef Jerky, also a good source of protein
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • PBJ’s or Nutella Sandwiches

Snacks For The Adults

The adults need snacks too! I hate when I go on a road trip and I eat like crap the during the car ride. So, I am planning on bringing along some healthy choices!

  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit
  • Beef Jerky
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Grain-free Granola from Costco is the BOMB!


I wish reading in the car didn’t make me want to vomit because I would totally bring along books! Since I cant, I need to find things to keep me busy too while my husband is driving! I know I am definitely a fidgeter! I cant just sit still. Usually, you’ll find me messing with my nails and filing them or something so I know for me a nail file would be great to bring.

Another option would be a couple of audiobooks to listen to. This way I still get the story but don’t need to vomit! Win-Win!

I’m also planning on taking along my camera to take pictures of the scenery while on the road and in Missouri!

What things do you do to prepare for a road trip? I would love to know in the comments!



  • Christine shahinian

    I agree with the movies. Coloring books. Play some games too, like the alphabet game where you search for things on the road with letters in the alphabet.

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