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Reasons You Lose Patience With Your Children

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As a mom of three children, I know how hard things can get. I have had several times where I have totally lost my mind. Usually, I end up feeling like a horrible mom.

I have to remind myself that I am only human and try to forgive myself for losing my patience.

There are several reasons why we lose our patience. We all do it. Nobody is Mary Poppins here. I’m not perfect in every way like Ms. Poppins.

I have my downs and I can accept this. The important thing is to try and learn from your shortcomings.

Here are some big things that can cause you to lose patience with your children.


On a daily basis, I get up in the morning with a full plate of things I need to do. Driving kids back and forth from school, cooking dinner, caring for the little one, and cleaning.

I wake up in the morning tired.

My late afternoon, I want to drop dead. Being a mom is hard and throw in my nursing job on top of that, kill me! I am constantly exhausted.

When I am feeling so tired, where I have nothing left in me, makes me short tempered. I don’t mean to snap but it happens sometimes because of my exhaustion.

Sometimes, I feel so spread thin because I am doing something for one kid then another kid comes up and asks me for something. Multitasking is a daily occurrence with my children.

The other day, I asked my husband to make my son oatmeal while he was already cooking pancakes and he flat out told me he couldn’t because he was already doing something. Like, what?

What about all the things I juggle during the day? 🤷‍♂️😂

Unrealistic Expectations

My goal in life is to have my home spotless and smelling like a fresh meadow right after the rain. This is an unrealistic expectation on my part. With three kids, I know this can’t happen. They make messes.

I have been trying to give them daily jobs to do so it can lighten up my load a bit. My problem is, I end up doing it myself without thinking about their jobs. I am so used to doing it myself, I forget about making them to their jobs.

I also feel like the bathroom shouldn’t smell like a honey bucket but with two boys who can’t aim their pee in the hole correctly makes for stinky restrooms.

My bathrooms need to be cleaned five times a week to maintain a fresh smell.

It’s easy to lose your patience with your children when they can’t get their pee in the hole. Ya know?

Wanting Control

In my home, I want to be able to control the cleanliness. When it’s messy all over, I feel like I’m losing my control which makes me lose my patience.

Kids will be kids and make their messes. We just rearranged their rooms and everything is spotless so far. I have been a lot happier because the messes are under control now that they have a place for their stuff.

My daughter is loving her new room so she is excited about keeping it clean.

I’m just waiting for a few weeks until the kids hoarding begins again. Their hoarding makes me lose my patience with my children.

I need to learn to let things go. So what if the house is a mess sometimes? Does this mean it’s always going to be a mess? No! Will people judge me for having a messy house? Maybe.

I don’t want those people in my life anyway so if you think my house is messy, please don’t come over.✌✌

Children’s Demands

I’m not a morning person is what I am realizing. I freaking hate getting up in the morning because I have to hit the ground running.

My three-year-old has a routine he sticks to and it starts with his cup of milk. He will not stop asking for a drink of milk until he gets it. He does not care how tired I am.

This part of the mornings gets under my skin so badly. I need to make it a point to get his cup of milk ready the night before and leave it in the fridge so he can get it himself.

Thinking ahead like this will make my mornings a little easier.

The children need breakfast in the morning, this is obvious. I need to go to bed earlier so I can get some extra sleep so I’m not grumpy in the mornings.

Also, if you’re children are old enough to get their own breakfast, let them! My oldest is old enough to get her own but my middle and youngest are not quite there yet.

If you’re also not a morning person either, I’m betting you lose your patience with your children during this time of day too.

So How Do You Not Lose Your Patience?

Look for what is triggering you. If you know that sleep is a priority for you then make sure you get extra sleep. Delegate some of the nightly tasks to your husband or whoever you have there that helps you.

If you don’t want to lose patience with your children, sometimes you need a break from everything. Even going to Target by myself can be the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Taking a girls night with some friends or a sister is important for our mental health.

My husband is lucky and gets to go with his guy friends from time to time and I allow it because I know he needs time for himself too.

Moms need this time too. It’s good for us and its good for our marriage.

At times, I need to stop and just take a deep breath or I might lose my patience. I’ll ask my husband to please get whatever it is the children need at that time.

My husband is pretty good at helping me out when he senses I’m about to lose my mind. I go to my room sometimes and just lay down and relax. The quiet helps me to relax and calm down when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Being a mom is difficult and I think we need to have grace with ourselves. We’re not perfect and we’re not going to be. I know I need to do the best I can and when things get overwhelming, I need to delegate things to others so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

What do you do to help you not lose patience with your children? I would love to hear your thoughts below.




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