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Raising Children To Not Be Entitled

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Nowadays, I have realized that many kids are lacking some qualities that are vital to their well being as an adult. Children are very entitled and expect things to come easy.

This quality is so annoying to me and I feel it is partially our fault as parents. Where did we go wrong?

Why are kids so entitled?

These days, we live in a society of instant gratification. We all have internet on our phones, there are drive-thru restaurants at every turn of the corner, and there are video games at home.

Kids have no patience for anything because things are so readily available to them. They want to wait for nothing.

Believe me, I deal with this too. I’ve been thinking of things I can do to help stop this entitled behavior with my own kids.

Raising children to not be entitled-Half Stay At Home Mom

How To Treat The Entitlement

My kids love their internet. Do you know any kid who doesn’t like to watch videos of people playing video games on youtube? I don’t get this obsession at all but kids like it.

There needs to be limits. Make your kids work for what they want. Don’t just give in to all their crazy obsessions.

We need to give our children limits to their internet use. Children don’t need to have cell phones. Did you have cell phones when you were little? I never did. They weren’t even around when I was little.

The closest things to a cell phone we had when I was little was the giant car phones that used to exist back in the day. Remember those?

Make Your Kids Do Their Chores

Every day after school, my kids have jobs to do. First, it starts with homework, then they need to do there housework.

My kids each need to pick up the clothes they threw around getting ready for school. They also need to help with setting the table for dinner and after dinner, they need to help with cleaning up.

Housework helps them to appreciate their property and their home. They work hard to keep it clean so they try harder to keep it that way.

I didn’t become a mother to be my children’s slave.

If I do everything, they aren’t learning anything.

Kids need to know these basic life skills to be able to function as successful, hardworking adults.

We need to stop trying to “save” our children. If they are struggling with something, maybe don’t jump up to help them. Kids need to figure things out on their own.

We’re not always going to be there to help them and they need to learn how to deal with hard things. Thdoesn’tsnt make you a bad parent at all if anything it makes you awesome because you are raising great kids who will be hard working adults.

As a pediatric nurse, I see lots of entitled children and their parents really just let it happen. This is one of my pet peeves. If you’re the parent, then be the parent. Don’t let the kids walk all over you.

You as a parent need to understand that you don’t “owe” your child anything. What you do need to give them is unconditional love, a roof over their heads, food to nourish their bodies, and an education to better their future.

Saying “no” to our children makes us great parents because they need to hear that word. They need to understand that hearing “no” is a normal part of life.

If the only things our children are hearing is “yes” then they are going to grow up to be entitled little brats who are going to become monsters as adults.

Why I Don’t Give My Kids Allowances

My kids are always telling me that their friends get allowances and they should too. They apparently get an allowance just for doing their regular chores.

Are you kidding me?

They should be doing their chores because they are living under your roof which you are paying for. There is no reward for doing your jobs because that is what is expected. Hello? Am I the only one that gets this concept?

No, my kids do not get an allowance. The only time I will give them money is if they are doing something extra that they normally wouldn’t need to do.

Why I Don’t Just Get Them What They Want

Kids need to learn patience these days. They need to know they can’t get something because they want it now. Allow them the time to want it more and make sure they actually do want what they are begging for.

Allow them to earn the money to buy the item they want. We as parents also need have patience and don’t rush out to get whatever it is we want. Our children are watching us and can see what we are doing.

If you’re thinking it’s too late and they are past the point of learning how to be unentitled, you’re wrong. There is still time to change them from being entitled to being grateful children.

Let’s do our best to teach them patience and to not raise up entitled little brats.

Do you have any tips on raising unentitled children? I would love to hear about it below.

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