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Pregnancy Stress Coping Tips

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I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. The excitement was overwhelming! I had a miscarriage 2 years before that and I really wanted to be pregnant.

Once the excitement faded slightly, the fear set it. What did I do? What if I do something accidentally that will hurt the baby? How do I make sure the baby is healthy? How on earth am I going to push a watermelon out of me?

These are all valid fears and I was stricken with anxiety! I had my nurse on speed dial pretty much. I’m sure she totally was fed up with me but she never acted like I was a burden to her and I loved her for that. She is the epitome of compassion and I can only hope to be as good of a nurse as she is someday.

Here are some pregnancy stress coping tips you can utilize to have a less stressful 9 months.

Time To Cope

Ok, now you’re pregnant! Congratulations!!! You’ve wanted this for a long time. You’re scared and that’s ok. I had many nights of no sleep just thinking of my future.

Take a deep breath mama! Everything will be ok. Nurture yourself during this crazy time in your life. Your brain will be going a million miles an hour. Read and learn all you can.

I always felt like educating myself was the best way to calm myself down. However, do NOT google anything. I love Google as much as anyone else but when you’re trying to find answers, google always tell you that you’re dying and that’s not cool, man!

I made this mistake while I was pregnant and always had anxiety after which ended with me calling my nurse. My poor nurse!!

The best thing you can do is read books on pregnancy like, What To Expect When Expecting. This book would always help me cope with the pregnancy stress.

This is a great and informative book for any expecting mom out there. It really helps with all the unknowns.

 The Health Of Your Baby

Everyone I know wants to have a healthy baby. There is nobody that ever wants anything other than a healthy baby. So how do you attain this? Basically, what I have to say, some might not like but it’s the truth. Pregnancy is very unpredictable. Things sometimes happen and you can lose your baby.

My first pregnancy ended with my baby having a Cystic Hygroma on its neck which caused all blood flow to go to the growth rather than my actual baby. My baby did not survive but if it did, I would have still loved that baby.

However, I feel like my baby not surviving was a blessing to my baby because they would have not had the quality of life you would want for a child.

Sometimes people have a baby with Down Syndrome. Does that mean you love your child any less? Heck no! I would think you would love your baby even more fiercely so that they know they are wanted in the world.

Pregnancy stress coping tips-Half Stay At Home Mom

Sometimes, your child will be born and not do all the things they should be doing with their milestones and you start to worry.

Children can be born on the Autism Spectrum. So what? Are they healthy? Then that is just a small hurdle to go through but it will all be ok. You’re still going to love your child like crazy!

The hope is that your child will be born healthy but sometimes there are complications. Don’t go worrying your entire pregnancy because the odds of this happening are extremely low so you’ll be stressing yourself out for no reason.

There is a big ultrasound that is scheduled around 20 weeks of pregnancy where they can measure fluid, growth, heart, brain, fingers, toes, etc..

This ultrasound can really help ease your pregnancy stress since you will have a piece of mind.

I remember with my middle child, during the ultrasound, they found that he had a tiny growth in the liquid area surrounding his brain. Naturally, I was having a freak attack.

They told me to not worry because sometimes this can happen but the odds are that it will go away within a month. They actually told me not to worry!! HA, I was completely stressed out. I was scheduled for another ultrasound a month later and low and behold, the growth was gone!

See what I mean? Pregnancy is so unpredictable. Just don’t stress yourself out because once you’re pregnant, you can’t control things anymore but you can do your best to have the healthiest pregnancy.

What To Do For The Health Of Your Baby

Even before you get pregnant, you should be taking a prenatal vitamin so that your body is getting all the right nutrients to help support a growing baby.

Occasionally, there will be a whoopsie baby and you’re totally not prepared. As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, just start taking your vitamins. No need to freak out!

Eat the right foods and drink tons of water. Your body needs the extra water because it is supporting not just you but also another human.

There are plenty of foods you can eat but there is a list of foods you cant eat while pregnant. The list of foods is in the book, What To Expect When Expecting so I would definitely reference that a lot.

I had a hard time with not being able to eat sushi during pregnancy because I love it but its a small price to pay to keep your mind at ease and do the best for your babies health.

Get plenty of sleep because you’ll be so freaking tired that you will be able to lay down and sleep at any given moment of the day. Make sure and get some exercise too!

Don’t go all crazy with exercise obviously. If you’re not sure you can exercise, just call the doctor to ask. Heaven knows I did! I called for everything to help with my pregnancy stress coping!

One thing I always get with every pregnancy is Gestational Diabetes. Basically,  it’s diabetes you get only during pregnancy. I had to diet for most of my pregnancy and hardly eat anything! If you want to learn more on that, click here.

Pregnancy stress coping tips-Half Stay At Home Mom

You guys, pregnancy stress is a real thing! Being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re in LA LA Land and everything is roses and butterflies. Pregnancy is hard! Anxiety sucks especially when you’re pregnant.

Just do the best you can do during your entire pregnancy and the odds are, you’re going to be just fine and so is your baby! Make sure you’re being compliant with your doctor’s appointments especially toward the end of pregnancy when you’re going to the OB once a week.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you can share it with your friends, I will love you forever!

Do you guys have any tips for newly pregnant moms out there who might be scared? Leave your comments below!


  • Penelope Smith

    My sister is really stressed out with her pregnancy at the moment. She is having a lot of morning sickness. It is good to know that she should make sure that she drinks a lot of water despite her sickness. Also, she might want to talk to an obstetrician about something that can help with her morning sickness.

    • Talinanderson

      Hi. From what I have learned about high anxiety and stress is it can cause miscarriage or preterm labor if it goes on for a long time. Little bouts of anxiety during pregnancy is normal. Anxiety attacks are different and can last from 5 to 20 minutes. These attacks will cause racing heart rate,dizziness, nausea, etc. If you’re dealing with anxiety attacks frequently, then I would strongly urge you to talk to your OBGYN about it. I spoke to mine when I was pregnant with my third child and he got me on Zoloft. It was a life saver for me and I still take it to this day. Good luck with your pregnancy and congrats!

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