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    Homemade Gelato That Could Win Awards

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. All opinions are my own. In my home, we love gelato! We went to Italy last year and ate a bit too much gelato but, when in Rome! The difference between gelato and regular ice cream is the density. Gelato is dense and doesn’t have the extra air that is put into the ice cream they sell in the stores. Gelato is something special. If you’ve never had it, you need to give it a try. I’ve been thinking about this weekend and how the Oscars, the grandest award show will be on this Sunday. The Oscars made…

  • How I'm Preparing For My Summer Body-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    How I’m Preparing For My Summer Body

    I was provided with weight loss services for my honest opinion. However, if I do not believe in a company then I wouldn’t promote them.   Now that it’s the middle of February, I am anxious about getting fit and into shape for the summer time. I am about 5’4 and weight about 134 pounds. I definitely don’t have much to lose but I have a number that I am wanting to reach. Yes, I know, numbers don’t mean all that much when it comes to your health and fitness but I have always had a magic number that I have been striving to achieve. I’ve always wanted to get back…

  • Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home (2)

    Valentine’s Crafty Wreath For The Home

    I never used to think of myself as being a crafty person but I gotta say, over the last year I have really been enjoying doing crafty things. Crafts are very relaxing and kind of therapeutic because you are sitting in silence, really focused on the task at hand. Valentines is coming up quickly and I wanted to do something fun for my kids to enjoy and cute to have in the house. This Valentine’s wreath was the perfect thing! The dollar store is where I scored everything I needed for this craft. All the things you see only cost me, 7 buckaroos! I was super excited about this deal. Seriously,…

  • Top Pet Peeves Of A Mother-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Top Pet Peeves Of A Mother

    This post may contain affiliate links which means I may get a small commission for purchases made at no cost to you. I would love to say that I am the most patient and wonderful parent on the planet, but I know I’m not and I’m ok with that. As moms, we have some serious pet peeves that we just can’t get around. These peeves are mostly out of our control and we’re just supposed to go along with it. I’ve learned how to just let things roll off my shoulders a long time ago. If I didn’t then I would lose my freaking marbles on a daily basis. I…

  • Surviving Your First Month Of MamaHood-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Surviving Your First Month Of Mamahood

    This post may include affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for a purchase you make at no cost to you.   While pregnant, you are going to be daydreaming of your baby that you haven’t met yet. You can’t wait until you get to hold your baby and bring them home. This will change a bit in the hospital when real life hits you pretty hard that you are now in charge of a tiny human being. When my daughter was born, I was so scared. She needing to be in the NICU for 5 days, then bringing her home on day 5 at night. I was…

  • How To Budget So You Can Stay Home With Your Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    How To Budget So You Can Stay Home With Your Kids

    When my husband and I were talking about having kids a while ago, it was always my dream to be able to stay home with my kids. However, since I became a nurse, this wasn’t going to be an option. As a nurse, you have to keep up your license in order for it to not expire. I do have the option to take classes instead but I really don’t want to lose my nursing skills so I work super part time. Like, 10 hours a week. This arrangement works for me because I still get to stay home with my kids but I also get a break from time…

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    How You Know You’re A Mom To Young Kids

    Obviously, we all know being a mom is hard but sometimes we need some reassurance that we’re doing an ok job. Being a great mom is not all that easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes lots of sleepless nights of worrying about their well being. It also is a great blessing and a huge opportunity for personal growth. I know I am not the same person I was from before I had kids. I have grown and learned many things. Being a parent is also comical at times. Laughing during times when you probably shouldn’t happen more than you think. There was one time my middle…

  • The Best Part Of Being A Parent-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    The Best Part Of Being A Parent

    Being a parent is probably the hardest thing in the entire world. Moms need to endure childbirth and dads need to endure the stress that comes along with childbirth. Our bodies change in so many different ways. Our stomachs have some extra skin here and there that won’t go away unless you get surgery. If we ever cough or sneeze too hard, we might tinkle a smidge. This is fun times….(this is me being sarcastic) Jumping on a trampoline can prove to be difficult when you can’t control your bladder anymore. Sometimes, you’ll even develop hemorrhoids during labor because of pushing so freaking hard! Yes people, this actually can and does happen!…

  • Why I Started A Blog-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Why I Started A Blog

    This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you purchase an item from one of my links at no cost to you.   I have had many reasons for starting my own blog. For one, I am an introverted person. I like to keep to myself and observe people around me. Starting a blog for me was an easy way to share my thoughts and opinions about things without having to do it in person, which scares me a bit since I am shy. I am not a public speaker at all so writing on my blog works better for me and my nerves.…

  • HOW TO START A BLOG-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    How To Start A Blog…Learn All The Juicy Details

    How To Start A Blog This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase anything through my link at no cost to you Do you want to start a mom blog? Are you confused with how to get it started and grow to make money? I always loved reading mom blogs and I would wonder how they were able to start it and all the tools that are needed to get it going. I finally was able to muster the courage to start my own blog and so far, it’s been super fun! I enjoy researching and writing blog posts that can help other…