• Maternity Clothing Must-Haves-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Maternity Clothing Must-Haves

    When I was pregnant with my daughter almost 10 years ago, I was super excited when I started to show because that meant I could actually wear maternity clothes. At the time, I didn’t know of the maternity clothing must-haves since I never made it that far in my first pregnancy to wear any. You know what though? I was able to go pretty far without needing many maternity clothes while being pregnant with my daughter. I found that all I needed to really have was some basics so I was comfortable. Now once I hit my 7th month, I actually needed more things because my other stuff just did…

  • Pregnancy stress coping tips-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Pregnancy Stress Coping Tips

    Fears I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. The excitement was overwhelming! I had a miscarriage 2 years before that and I really wanted to be pregnant. Once the excitement faded slightly, the fear set it. What did I do? What if I do something accidentally that will hurt the baby? How do I make sure the baby is healthy? How on earth am I going to push a watermelon out of me? These are all valid fears and I was stricken with anxiety! I had my nurse on speed dial pretty much. I’m sure she totally was fed up with me but she never…

  • Lying to your children for their own good-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Lying To The Children For Their Own Good

    This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission if you use one of my links for a purchase. Thanks.     Sometimes being a parent is super difficult. We are always telling our children to do the right thing, don’t lie, don’t hit, don’t steal, etc…But we lie to our children all the time! Don’t even deny it! I’m not judging you either. I do it too! As long as they don’t know we are lying to them, it’s fine! I know that sometimes lying to your children is important to protect them. Our children trust us and as long as we have their…

  • Start a Blog

    Start a Blog

    Starting A Blog This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase anything through my link at no cost to you I always loved reading mom blogs and I would wonder how they were able to start it and all the tools that are needed to get it going. I finally was able to muster the courage to start my own blog and so far, it’s been super fun! I enjoy researching and writing blog posts that can help other moms out there. Now, I wanted to put together the resources that I used for my blog to help anyone else who wants to…

  • DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Craft-Half Stay At Home Mom

    DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decoration

    This Post may contain affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you purchase from one of my links.   DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Craft Ok. So, I never thought of myself as the crafty type. I have actually been feeling down on myself because I was trying to think of what talents I have. I can’t use a sewing machine even though my mother in law has tried to show me numerous times. So what! I can’t sew. Whoopty doo! Cooking food is my forte! I come up with recipes on my own without measuring things out and they come out awesome! I love to cook…

  • The Best Fall Activities For Kids That Are Budget Friendly-Half Stay At Home Mom

    The Best Fall Activities For Kids That Are Budget Friendly!

    This post may contain affiliate links which means I may get a small commission from a purchase you make on one of my links.   Well, guys, Fall is officially here. I have to say that besides Summer, Fall is my second favorite time of year. The leaves change, the weather is crisp, and the crockpot is back in full force with soups and chilies! I really do love this time of year. Another thing that is super fun about this time of year is all the Halloween and Fall crafts that is totally happening. I have to admit that Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine because I get…

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    Heading Into Respiratory Season Armed With Knowledge

    Respiratory Season Yes, I am a nurse but I am in no way a doctor and I am not giving any diagnostic medical advice. If in doubt, please talk to your doctor. These are only my opinions and what I have tried on my own children at home.  Oh, the joys of going into the sick kid season! I’m not excited for this time of year at all because as a pediatric nurse, I will be slammed at work! Sick comes will start to come in back to back in no time. Parents get all frazzled because their child has a runny nose. Most of the time the kid has…

  • Stop Losing Your Mind Shopping With Toddlers-Half Stay At Home Mom
    Mom Rantings

    Mom Rant: Stop Losing Your Mind Shopping With Toddlers

    This blog post is definitely showing my frazzled side and I am using this platform to get some rantings off my chest. Hope you don’t mind. Today, I needed to run to Costco for two items and I was dreading it the whole time because I had my toddler with me. Needless to say, he is my most difficult child. It takes 10 minutes to leave the house. It takes 5 minutes to get in the car. Oh, finally, we get to Costco and it takes 20 minutes to get out of the car. Why do I even try to leave the house anymore? I finally grab my toddler by the…

  • Mom Rantings

    Mom Rantings

    Sometimes, a mom needs to have a place where she can just vent or let out her feelings. I created this mom rantings page specifically for that. I apologize if some of my opinions don’t coincide with yours, no judging here. Being a mother in this day and age is really hard and I get it! I have 3 kids so being able to talk about my concerns when it comes to parenting is important for me. Mom rantings might sound like a negative thing but it actually isn’t! I love being a mom and my kids bring me lots of joy but sometimes they also bring me stress and…

  • Top Survival Tips For Working Moms To Keep You Sane!-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Top Survival Tips For Working Moms To Keep You Sane!

    I’m not a full stay at home mom. I have a job as an RN but I do it part time so I can be home more with my kids. I know many don’t have the ability to stay home with their kids and actually work 40 hours a week to pay their bills. I remember when I used to work graveyards as a nurse and came home in the mornings to my small children and I would get about 3 hours of sleep, total! Needless to say, my house suffered because I had no energy! I did that for 4 years! Never again! Most of you don’t work graveyards…lucky!…