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My Hospital Essentials Bag

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Hospital Essentials Bag

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Since being a mom to 3 kiddos, I wish I knew then what I know now regarding what to pack for the hospital! I had so many things that were useless and things I wish I had with me. Having a baby is pretty stressful in itself, so being prepared in the right way will alleviate most of your stress so you can focus on having your baby. I compiled a list that is super helpful to have in your hospital essentials bag!

1)First, let’s start with a bag! Do not pack a huge suitcase for the hospital. This is unnecessary and a waste of space. Something like this would be perfect for you! It’s big enough where you can fit things in there nicely and have things organized well so you can find your stuff.


2)Get yourself a moo-moo or lounge pants. Honestly, a moo-moo would work better because you’ll basically be wearing those huge “diaper” pads and mesh panties. The moo-moo will make life easier when you need to go to the restroom at the hospital. Here is one that I found and it has several different color options. It’s super cute! I could wear this as a regular sleepwear!

3)Don’t worry about bringing your own underwear in your hospital bag. The hospital will give you mesh undies that stretch and they have huge pads for you to wear also. If you don’t want to stain your underwear then leave those at home.

4)Bring flip-flops for the shower. I am a serious germaphobe. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want your flip-flops when you take a shower in the hospital bathroom. Also, bring a pair of comfortable slip-on sandals for when you need to walk around. They are easy to get on and take off. Leave them right next to your bed for easy access to them.

5)All your toiletries need to be packed in your bag. This includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, shavers, make up for pictures because there will be lots of pictures. Also, you’ll want your blow dryer, brush, and a couple hair ties!

6)Earbuds because you might want to listen to music while in labor. The kind that attaches to the phone will be a pain. You probably want to consider the cordless earbuds. These look pretty snazzy! They are totally cordless so that won’t get in the way!

7)Invest in a nice nursing bra if you are planning on breastfeeding your baby. Having a nice nursing bra is essential to your hospital bag! You’ll want one with thicker straps to give extra support. You will get big and engorged so you will be grateful for the extra support. This one I found has great reviews and looks super comfy and supportive! Some nursing bras out there can cost around $70-$100 bucks so this option wouldn’t break the bank!


8)I bought a tummy binder for after birth. This isn’t something necessary though. I just feel like my stomach is jello and empty after giving birth. I can’t explain it but it just feels weird, like a deflated balloon, so the binder helps give me some of the support back. I have one similar to this one here. I am really glad I had mine postpartum. I felt like it helped to heal my abs and gave me the support I needed.

9)If you are wanting to get the baby to take a pacifier then bring one that you like. The hospitals all use the same ones which are straight and have no curve in them at all. I feel like they make it hard for the baby to keep it in their mouth. Don’t even get your baby used to the hospital one unless that’s the one you like. My favorite pacifier is this one here. Let the nursing staff know that you have your own pacifier you want to give to the baby. If they know, they won’t use the hospital one on the baby.

10)The hospital will have baby diapers and wipes so no need to bring those along!

I would recommend bringing a couple onesies and a going home outfit with a baby blanket. The hospital usually will give you a beenie for the baby to wear and take home. Pay attention to the season as well. If its cold outside, you need to pack a warmer outfit and if it’s hot then pack a light outfit for baby.

11)Bring along a take-home blanket for the baby. I found one that is super cute, soft, stretchy and big! I’m loving florals right now so this one is my favorite for a cute little girl!


Here is one I found for a boy! I love the geometric shapes on it.

12)I recommend bringing some bum cream. Babies poop a lot and after a while of using wipes on their sensitive skin, they can easily get a rash. I start putting the Desitin on their bum as soon as they have their first bowel movement. It acts as a protective layer for their sensitive skin. I always get paste because it is extremely thick. I swear by this stuff, it’s awesome! Here is the paste I recommend.

13)Bring some of your favorite snacks! There’s only so much the hospital can provide as far snacks go so pack up things you and your husband will want to eat.

14)One last hugely important item is your phone chargers and a camera! If you have a nice phone that has a great camera then leave the big and bulky camera at home!

This is my essentials list for things to have in the hospital! Obviously, I didn’t add in the car seat and base in this list but that’s just a given! They won’t let you leave the hospital without it so make sure you got one😅!

I really hope this list is helpful to get your hospital essentials bag ready for the big day!

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