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Mom Rant: Stop Losing Your Mind Shopping With Toddlers

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This blog post is definitely showing my frazzled side and I am using this platform to get some rantings off my chest. Hope you don’t mind.

Today, I needed to run to Costco for two items and I was dreading it the whole time because I had my toddler with me. Needless to say, he is my most difficult child. It takes 10 minutes to leave the house. It takes 5 minutes to get in the car. Oh, finally, we get to Costco and it takes 20 minutes to get out of the car.

Why do I even try to leave the house anymore?

I finally grab my toddler by the arm and almost drag him into Costco whilst everyone is looking at me, the crazy mom, dragging her child by the arm.

The entire time, my kid is crying and telling me he wants to go home.

He wants to go home? What about me?

All I am trying to do is buy olive oil and parmesan cheese so my husband can make pesto after work. That’s two items man!

While in Costco, the crying doesn’t ever stop so I’m walking like a crazy mom almost running people over just to get out of there. My kid doesn’t even care about the stress he is causing me.

Roll It Off Your Shoulders

I need to put this out there but be kind to moms who are obviously struggling with their children at the store. Nobody has ever said anything negative to me about a tantrum but I do always think of what this or that person might be thinking about me.

Another thing for you moms who have a difficult child, don’t let the staring or the obvious thoughts get to you. Some people forget that they used to have children that little. Did they forget what its like to raise a toddler? Probably!

People are going to think what they want. There will always be something negative someone can say about any situation! Just ignore it because you’re a good mom and you are doing your best!

Just let it roll off your shoulders.

Take A Deep Breath

Having a toddler is hard work. They are dealing with all these emotions they don’t even know how to process. Sometimes these emotions come out in a  screaming and kicking full-blown tantrum. As much as you want to take your kid and run away, just breath and think of what they are going through with their little toddler emotions. These are big emotions in a tiny body.

Take a deep breath and do what you can to not lose your ####.(insert whatever word suits you here)

It is hard to say just breath when you’re in the thick of a tantrum with your toddler. Sometimes, I don’t like my toddler! I LOVE him but sometimes I don’t have to like him if he’s in full-blown anger mode! You’re not a bad mom if you have ever had this thought either! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Being a mom is hard and everyone deals with these trials in their own way. I know this is a temporary stage in life and will eventually fizzle out but for now, I’m trying to keep myself from losing my mind.

If All Else Fails, Bribery Usually Works

If you ever are in a store and need your toddler to zip their pie hole then try bribery. It usually works for me. If I am at Costco, I’ll bribe with a slice of pizza. If at Walmart, I’ll bribe with a donut. Whatever man! Sometimes you do what you got to do to get things done! Am I the only one who does this?

I’m hoping my toddler will grow out of this stage quickly because I won’t be doing this bribe thing forever. My older kids luckily know that bribing doesn’t work for them anymore. If they misbehave then there will be consequences.

Handling Tantrums At Home

Being home is a whole different ballgame. When my toddler is throwing a tantrum at home, I don’t even give him any attention. I literally take him by the hand and tell him what he’s doing is not ok and put him in his room, shut the door and he screams and cries in there where I can’t hear it. Finally, when he is done, I’ll try to talk to him and tell him his behavior was naughty and he can’t do that. Does it work? Not always but its a process and I know I need to be patient with him.

Time-outs are just fine for your toddler. They will learn that the behavior needs to change and eventually will stop. Call me mean if you want but I just can’t deal with the tantrums constantly. Sorry but I know putting my kid in time-out doesn’t make me a bad mom! Your child needs to understand that getting mad is ok if that’s what they choose but they can get mad in their room so nobody else needs to hear it.

I really want to know how you handle toddler tantrums! If you have some awesome ideas, please leave them down below! I would appreciate it!









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