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Maternity Clothing Must-Haves

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When I was pregnant with my daughter almost 10 years ago, I was super excited when I started to show because that meant I could actually wear maternity clothes. At the time, I didn’t know of the maternity clothing must-haves since I never made it that far in my first pregnancy to wear any.

You know what though? I was able to go pretty far without needing many maternity clothes while being pregnant with my daughter.

I found that all I needed to really have was some basics so I was comfortable.

Now once I hit my 7th month, I actually needed more things because my other stuff just did not fit anymore and I looked like a stuffed Vienna sausage. Not pretty!

Here are the maternity clothing must-haves that you should never live without!

Maternity Clothing Must-Haves-Half Stay At Home Mom

Maternity Clothing Staples

The list below are all the best maternity clothing must-haves that will make your life way easier.

Leggings– The beauty of leggings is that they stretch with you and you can wear them basically every day! They come in several different colors and with many designs. They are so comfortable and versatile and you don’t need to have the waist cutting into your belly. If it’s too hot outside, just grab your leggings or either roll them up or cut them down a bit to make them shorter into capris. This is a great and cost-effective¬†option to feel nice in the hot summer.

T-shirts– These are great because you can get an extra baggy shirt and tie a little side knot to make your outfit look a bit more snazzy. If you don’t want to do the side knot then just let the shirt hang because you’re pregnant and who cares! Comfort trumps all for me. Also, the longer the shirt, the better so it covers your bum! My butt grew like 10 times bigger when I was pregnant and I always had to hide the behind.

Flat Shoes– If you’ve never been pregnant before then you should know, your feet are going to swell! Those toes of yours are going to look like those Vienna sausages I was talking about. Wearing flat shoes are way more comfortable for this purpose. I usually got the swollen feet around my 7th month of pregnancy and I always kicked my feet up on a pillow at night and in the morning, the swelling was gone.

Supportive Bra– No need to buy a nursing bra right when you find out you’re pregnant; that can wait until your 8th or 9th month. You’ll need a good bra though because your boobs are going to hurt and you don’t want any extra bouncing because ouch! Look for bras that have a thicker strap for more support. When its time to buy a nursing bra, I recommend going to Motherhood Maternity or any maternity boutique to get measured for the right size. Nursing bras are expensive though at these boutiques but if you can swing the cost then I highly recommend it. Your next option would be to look at Target because they have nursing bras that will do the job. Really, you just need comfort. Your nipples and boobs(I know TMI, sorry) are going to be hurting and you need something soft and supportive.

Light Pajamas– I am the queen of being freezing cold all the time. I need the heater on as soon as fall hits and I’m always covered in blankets. So, when I was pregnant, this completely changed around. My husband enjoyed this time because he didn’t have to be hot all the time. I always had the fans blowing in my house because I was always sweating. It could have been snowing outside and I still needed the fans on me. Wearing light and airy pajamas at night really saved me. Being pregnant makes it hard for you to sleep well anyway so just do all you can to get a good nights rest and wear lightweight pajamas.

Maternity Pants– I am all about a good deal on clothes and maternity is no exception. However, maternity clothing can be super expensive! I found good deals when I would shop online. My favorite places to look are Zulily, Old Navy, and Target. I got some super cute maternity capris from Zulily for $15 bucks, bam! That was pretty cool. Old Navy usually has good deals in their clearance section online. Also, Target is super awesome because they have everything you could ever want and they have plenty of maternity clothing in their clearance section. I actually remember trying out TJMaxx for some maternity jeans and they had quite a few options for me that worked out and they were budget friendly.

Skirts– The best skirts, in my opinion, are the knee length stretchy skirts that look good on you for any occasion. I love to dress it up or down and since they are stretchy, they are super comfortable too! If you have some basic colors on hand then you can pair any top along with it to make a cute outfit.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes. Just get the basics and you’ll be golden.

Now that you know the basics that you will need for maternity clothing must-haves, you are all set to start putting outfits together.

Seasonal Outfits

Winter/Fall– Like I said earlier when I am pregnant; I’m always roasting hot. Even in the winter time, I am still wearing some lighter clothing. The perfect winter outfit for me was a pair of leggings and a longer top that can cover my butt. This was perfectly paired with a pair of flats or some cute booties. This way you feel comfortable but look super cute.

Spring/Summer– When the weather gets warm outside as a pregnant woman, you need to wear breathable clothing. Some of the best options are cute maternity capris or Bermuda shorts and t-shirts. You can also pair a cute skirt with a top and cute flats to make a more fancy option.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you feel comfortable because being pregnant already has its own set of discomforts that come along with it. No need to have your outfits add to any discomfort. You’ll be happier if you’re comfortable and so will everyone around you.

Do you have any maternity clothing must-haves that you just can’t live without during pregnancy? I would love to hear about your thoughts below!



  • Heather Harris

    I am totally with you on the leggings and light pajamas! My body temperature fluctuates a LOT so I always dress in layers (or blankets at home). I’m at 16 weeks with my second and had previously decided to go as long as I could without maternity clothes, not realizing you show MUCH sooner than your first. I live across the street from a thrift store and went shopping at 14 weeks – I ended up only spending $30 on 5 pairs of really nice pants! Best decision ever. I still fit into some of my pre-maternity shirts, but my pre-maternity pants were getting tight and I didn’t need another reason to feel uncomfortable.

    I work part time, too, so I’ve also devised a “uniform” of sorts consisting of a shirt, non-maternity cardigan, pants and flats or booties. I love cardigans and sweaters so I figured that if I buy a few basic tees, I can spend a little more money on layers that I’ll definitely wear after pregnancy, and then in the springtime, I can throw my maxi dresses in the mix.

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