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Lying To The Children For Their Own Good

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Sometimes being a parent is super difficult. We are always telling our children to do the right thing, don’t lie, don’t hit, don’t steal, etc…But we lie to our children all the time! Don’t even deny it! I’m not judging you either. I do it too!

As long as they don’t know we are lying to them, it’s fine! I know that sometimes lying to your children is important to protect them. Our children trust us and as long as we have their best interest at heart then I think it is fine to lie.

Let me show you some things that we lie to our children about so you can understand what I am saying.

Lie 1: It’s Past Your Bedtime

I can tell you that when 8 pm hits, I’m completely spent for the day and all I want to do is sit on my butt. I used to tell my kids that its way past their bedtime so they can go to bed! There’s nothing wrong with this! Parents need time to unwind and relax too.

I can’t do this anymore because my oldest is 9 and can tell time but if you have young kids, take advantage of this!! You need some time to unwind!

I don’t feel bad at all lying to the children about this because they would get extra rest and I will too. Win-Win!

Lie 2: You’re Not Going To Grow If You Don’t Eat

Lying to your children about this helps them to eat food!

I have been blessed to have children who do not like to eat food! Can I have this problem? I would love to never be hungry. Apparently, when I was younger, my mom worried about me so much because I never ate anything. She took me to the doctor to make sure I was ok and he said I would eat when I get hungry.

I feel the same way about my kids now. They do eat but it’s on their terms. If they aren’t hungry, they aren’t hungry. When they are, I can’t fill the fridge fast enough.

I have actually resorted to lying to them! I tell them that if they don’t eat, they won’t grow and if they don’t grow, we can’t go to Disneyland because they can’t ride all the rides! Too far? Meh! I don’t care.

This lie has worked on several occasions and I’m pretty sure I won’t be stopping anytime soon! It’s for their own good.

Lying to your kids isn’t that bad after all!

Lie 3: We Need To Brush The Bugs Out Of Your Teeth

My kids have always been difficult wanting to brush their teeth. My youngest is the worst though! I literally need to wrestle him to get his teeth brushed.

Lying to your kids about there being bugs in their mouth to get them to brush their teeth is fine. This lie is definitely for their own good.

Since my youngest now believes he has bugs in his mouth in the mornings, brushing his teeth isn’t such a difficult task anymore. Hallelujah!

Lie 4: Put Your Coat On Or You’ll Turn Into A Popsicle


Lying to your children about this is good for them!

My kids are notorious for running outside without a sweater or coat on when it’s snowy. I hate this because I don’t want them getting sick but they don’t like to take the time to do it.

Now, they know they aren’t going to turn into a popsicle because they have tested this out. I still say it so they can remember to get a coat on!

Lie 5: I’m Going to Call Santa And Tell Him You’re Being Naughty

Lying to your children about this only helps your sanity!

This works for my kids every time! They want to get gifts for Christmas so once they start misbehaving, we threaten to call Santa and they change their tune.

Yes, I do have Santa’s number! Duh….every parent on the planet has his number! That’s what I tell my kids anyway.

Don’t you judge me! This works! It won’t work for much longer but it works for now and I’m taking advantage while I can!

Lie 6: Mom And Dad Are Having A Meeting

Lying to your children about this can be good for your marriage.

This might be TMI, but when my husband and I need some quality time, we tell our kids we are having a meeting with Santa Clause to update him on their behavior so far for the year.

We put on a movie for them and go have a meeting. My oldest is 9 so she can help with the younger kids if she needs to.

This is more of a personal lie but it works so that my husband and I can have like a few minutes to ourselves.🤷‍♂️

Every marriage needs this and I don’t think there is anything wrong with this lie.

Lie 7: We’re All Out Of Ingredients To Make Slime

I know I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of the slime shenanigans in their home!

My daughter can make slime all day every day. There are so many different variations of slime too. Fluffy, glittery, clear, galaxy, etc…for the love!

I lie to my kids and tell them we are all out of glue and contact solution so we can’t possibly make slime!

For the record, I don’t even buy the stuff to make it any more so this is not really lying when I say we don’t have the ingredients.

So, that is my opinion on why it is fine lying to your children. Sometimes we need to and I only have their best interest at heart.

Everyone does it and it’s a normal part of life.

What do you lie to your kids about? I totally want to know in the comments!

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