Living With Anxiety Is Hard-Half Stay At Home Mom
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Living With Anxiety Is Hard

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I’m not sure why or what I’ve done to be living with anxiety but I can tell you, it’s miserable. I’ll be totally fine then the next minute, I’m just not.

I know there are triggers to my anxiety and I really try to avoid those at all costs. Sometimes, life just comes at you like an iron fist and I can’t stop it. People die, get sick, there’s stress, things I can’t control, etc. I have the hardest time dealing with the things I can’t control. This is the hardest thing for me and for many others as well.

When my anxiety kicks in, I know I’m being irrational with my thoughts but my body during the thick of it doesn’t know I’m being irrational and it doesn’t care.

I wish there was an on and off switch for when I start to feel the anxiety coming on.

Living with anxiety is hard especially when your other half doesn’t understand it and doesn’t know how to comfort you. My husband is an example of this. He has never lived with anxiety.

The most important thing is to know that having anxiety isn’t your fault and you didn’t do anything wrong. It just means you’ve been dealt with a bad card and now you need to deal with it.

Try to pay attention to the triggers of your anxiety so you can try and avoid that trigger or nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. One big source of anxiety for me is a messy house. So, everyday I will do a little bit here and there so that I can maintain a clean home.

There are some things you can do that will alleviate the symptoms of anxiety when they are coming on. This isn’t a cure-all, of course, it’s just a small help to get you by.

Living With Anxiety Is Hard-Half Stay At Home Mom
Living with anxiety is hard on a mother or anyone for that mater. How are we supposed to deal with it head on? I have dealt with anxiety for many years and have tried several different things. Finally, I have found some kind of help and now my anxiety is under control.

Deep Breathing

I know what you’re thinking. Deep breathing won’t do crap for my anxiety. I need an elephant to sit on me. HA!

No, seriously, it helps. When you are having an anxiety attack, you start to hyperventilate and you most likely don’t know you’re doing this. Breathing too fast can cause you to pass out, so stop!

It’s important to put a conscious effort into your breathing. Tummy breathing is the best option to calm down your nervous system.

I promise, it helps. Next time you’re having an attack from hell, just try it!

Relaxation Techniques

What in your life makes you super calm and happy? Do you always have the ability to get in that state of happiness when you’re living with anxiety? Sure, why not?!

This might sound dumb to you but I love to watch I Love Lucy or any silly comedy when I’m having anxiety because my mind stops focusing so much on my mind and I can laugh at senseless humor which I love!

Many people try doing things like yoga or meditation and they love it. I have tried but maybe I just don’t understand how to do it so it’s not the best option for me.

If this works for you then definitely use it to your advantage.


I have heard that exercise helps with stress😉. Seriously, it really does! However, if you’re mid hyperventilation anxiety mode, then don’t exercise, for the love! You might die! Just focus on your breathing instead.

If you’re feeling good enough to exercise then I would highly recommend it. The endorphins released during exercise really help decrease stress and anxiety.

Living With Anxiety Is Hard-Half Stay At Home Mom


This should really be your last resort but sometimes you need to have some medications on hand when you’re living with anxiety. I know how it is. I have an emergency stash for me.

I don’t often get anxiety anymore because I take an antidepressant/antianxiety medication that controls these feelings. But, sometimes I will get an anxiety attack. Public speaking causes me extreme anxiety and I’ll need to use my back up stash to get through it.

This isn’t often but it helps when it gets bad enough. Luckily, I don’t get to that point much anymore. If you think you need medications for your anxiety, make sure you talk to your doctor so they can prescribe you the correct medication for your symptoms.


Like I said before, I love to watch comedy to get my mind off of whatever it is that it’s racing about.

Other things that can help is to focus on an object, whether it be a blanket, pillow, ball, etc. This can help bring your mind back to reality.

While living with anxiety and having an actual attack, your mind is not thinking clearly or rationally. Distractions helps to get your mind back to reality.

While finding a distraction, make sure you put all your focus and energy on what it is trying to distract you. After a while of really focusing on this, your anxiety will lessen and hopefully even be gone.

Talk To Someone

I can tell you that when I’m having an anxiety attack, the last thing I ever want to do is have a conversation with someone. I would rather lay in bed under my blankets and be with my thoughts.

This is actually a bad idea. Fight your pride and get out of your shell for a minute. Talking to someone about random things helps you get your mind off what is stressing you to the core.

I’ve tried this technique and it surely helps me forget all my woes for the time being. It’s not going to cure you but it gets your mind off of what is eating at you.

Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for anxiety attacks. Living with anxiety is just a part of most peoples lives. The trick is to do whatever you can to overcome this hurdle in our lives so we can atleast function when we’re having an attack.

There are many resources out there but if you are having anxiety and you feel like you need help, please just start with your doctor and get the help you need.

I’m so grateful for modern medicine and the help it has given me to overcome my anxiety attacks.

I would love to know what things you do or have done to help alleviate your anxiety. Let me know down below.

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