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Caring For Sick Kiddos


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This respiratory season has been so awful for kids all over the place! The flu vaccine was only 10% effective so there were a bunch of kids walking around with the flu. The medication Tamiflu that is used to help shorten the length of the flu is freaking expensive too! Like in the hundred dollar range!

So what do you do if you have a little kid that is sick but you cant give them any cold medication because they are too little?

Being a pediatric Registered Nurse, I have my own thing I do for my sick kiddos. When you have kids that are too little to give decongestants or cough medicine to, I use Little Noses and the Nose Frida!

Little kids don’t know how to effectively blow their noses like us adults do. That’s why it can be so hard for them to breath from their little noses. I used the little noses saline drops for my babies. There is nothing in there besides saline. All you do is put 2 drops of saline drops into each nostril. This will just help loosen the boogers up in their tiny noses.

Then you get the Nose Frida¬†which is the coolest thing by the way. It is attached to a little hose with a mouth piece that goes to your mouth then the other end goes up the babies nose. So, this contraption comes with a built in filter and filter replacements. All you do is suck out the babies boogers. DON’T WORRY! You will not get boogers in your mouth. I promise! The filter stops anything from coming through to you.

The reason why I like this more than the blue bulb suction things is…

  1. It is way more effective. The amount of pressure you have in your lungs versus the blue bulb suction is way higher so you can get way more goop out of their airways with the nose frida.
  2. The nose frida is WAY more sanitary. You can basically take the thing apart and wash it after every use. It also comes with replacement filters too.

Have you guys ever seen those blue bulb nose suction things on the inside after using it for a while? Just google it and I am pretty sure you’ll never want to stick one up your babies noses again! Talk about mold and bacteria growth! Nasty! If you have one, do me a favor and toss them out please, and thank you!

So, as we know now, do not give your kids cold medicine if they are not old enough to have any. This includes decongestants, cough medicine, dayquils or nyquils. These are very dangerous for young kids so be smart people. If they are too young then do what I am advising with the saline nasal drops and the nose frida. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Another recommendation that I have is get a good humidifier for your home. This helps when you’ve got a sick one in the house. There is a good one I recommend which is the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

The great thing with this humidifier is it does not have a filter that you need to take out and clean. They do recommend cleaning the unit as needed but no filters that get all the calcium gunk on.

Just be smart with your kids. If someone you know is sick is wanting to come around, tell them nicely that you will need to postpone until they are no longer contagious. Make sure you are washing your hands and your children’s hands to stay away from germs.

As always, please check with your family doctor to see if your kids would benefit from the nose frida. These things that I spoke about in this article are things that I have tried that work for my kids. I am in no way telling you what you should do with your children!

Luckily, we are at the tail end of this years terrible respiratory season! I hope you enjoyed my tips as an RN mom to small children. If you have any questions about anything or the products that I have mentioned then comment below! I would also love to hear things you have done to help your sick kiddos in the past!

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  • Marcela

    I don’t like the flue season or any kind of season when people get sick. In my family we are lucky because we don’t get sick easy. Man, this year I have a few times. I don’t go to the doctor I try with natural herbs and tea plus vitamins C getting better. And we always does like that. I don’t like any kind of pills and antibiotics. Love the article.

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