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How To Potty Train Your Toddler

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Potty Training

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Potty training is so much fun and I would love to do it over and over again, said no mom ever!! OK, but for real, potty training sucks! Its hard and I’m exhausted. None of my kids have been easy to potty train but I have had an easier experience with my youngest and I want to share it with you in case it may help someone. Everyone that I talk to says to wait until your kid is 3 before you start potty training. I guess, something is supposed to click in their little brains that tell them to pee in a toilet? I’m not sure. Drew will turn 3 in like 3 weeks so I wanted to get a jump start on it so that he can get to go to preschool!! I need 4 hours of a break per week! Don’t judge me!

I started this difficult journey of potty training last week, the day after vacation. If you are thinking of potty training but have a vacation coming up don’t bother. Just wait until you’re home and have nothing to do for a couple days then have at it.

Potty Training Day 1, What To Do…

On day 1, we woke up and I told my son that we aren’t wearing diapers anymore and that we are wearing underwear. You’ll want to buy your child super cute underwear that will get them excited about going to the potty. I bought Drew superhero undies and he loves them! There are tons of cute underwear options for kids so you can find one your child likes.

You will definitely need one of these mini toilets to put somewhere in your home where you spend most of your time. This way they can see it and its easy access for them to run on the potty. This has worked wonders for Drew! He verbalizes the need to go to the bathroom and goes by himself right in the living room! I put our potty in the main living area that we mostly hang out so he doesn’t need to find the potty. It’s easily accessible for him and I can see if he needs any help. If I’m folding laundry in my room then I’ll take the potty with me so he can go in there. Its pretty cool! Here is one similar to the one we have right now.

This option is pretty cool because you can just pick it up and take it anywhere around the house. The front of it has a lip for little boys so they won’t get pee all over the floor. The first 2 days, we stayed home but by the third day, I needed to get out so I took the toilet with us in the car. When we got to our destination, I had Drew go pee in the potty and again when we got back to the car. It worked very well. The first day, we only had 2 pee accidents.

Potty Training Day 2, What To Do…

Ok, so day 1 was not too bad. Day 2, I realized he didn’t want to do number 2 on the potty. Pee was totally fine but the poop was scaring him. He did have a poop accident but I pulled down his underwear mid poop and put him on the toilet so he was able to push the rest out. I know, TMI, right?

Well, I need you to understand what I did so I can help you out. We are still struggling on and off with the poop but we will get there!

Now when I ask him to try and poop he will at least sit on the potty and try. Most of the time nothing happens but he is putting in an effort so I will keep encouraging that.

I actually was working with this pediatrician the other night and I told her the situation with the poop and she reassured me that he will get it, to not pressure him and to only encourage when it comes to poop. The reason being is that he will get so constipated because he is afraid to go poop on the potty.

So there you go, from the mouth of a pediatrician, we need to encourage and not stress our kids out about the potty.

Potty Training Day 3, What To Do…

On the third day, Drew was vocalizing by himself when he needed to pee and he would either run to the portable potty or run to the new Mickey potty I bought him. There is a cool toilet seat that you can get and it goes over the regular toilet seat. Here is a picture of the one I bought him and he loves it! It fits right into the regular toilet seat perfectly.

For many reasons, kids are afraid of the big toilet. They feel they might fall in so this toilet seat helps alleviate some of that fear. I highly recommend this one to make potty training easier for sure.

Just make sure to add a sturdy stool so they can reach it by themselves when they are feeling more confident going alone.

What I learned From Potty Training

I have to say that so far potty training hasn’t been that bad with my youngest. I think its most likely because he is almost 3 and understands things a bit better. He can tell now when he has the urge to pee or not. I’ll sometimes ask him if he needs to go potty and he will at times say no, so I drop it. However, when he does need to go he says he does and goes.

We are still working on the poop portion but I feel like we are heading in the right direction and we will get there within the next week or so. I am just going to remember to not pressure him about the poop so I don’t want to cause constipation issues. I will only encourage him every day to try and poop.

I would love to know if you have been through potty training. What things worked and didn’t work for you? Do you have any special tricks for the pooping part of potty training? Let me know in the comments below.

*UPDATE: So, I took the advice of the pediatrician I worked with that one night and it worked. I kept encouraging him to go poop on the potty without pressuring him. I would casually mention that we should go poop in the potty. One night, he came to the living room where his potty was and he sat down, went poop and that was it! From then on, he is going poop on his own. He gets so excited, he will usually yell at me to come and see!


  • Kelli

    I am also attempting potty training with my daughter who will be three on October 1st. Some days she’s willing (like yesterday she peed on the potty twice at home and once at daycare). Other days (like today), zero times. We previously tried the 3-day method but I don’t think she was ready and it didn’t work. How do you know when they are actually ready? She does tell me sometimes when she went in her diaper and will say “mommy, change my diaper.” Also- pull ups or no pull ups? I’m so discouraged and know I need to stay positive but it’s rough!!

    • Talinanderson

      Good efforts momma! I knew Drew was ready when he would tell me when he went poop in his diaper and he would come next to me so I can change him. One day I was just stern with him and told him we are done with diapers so I put the underwear on him and kept asking him throughout the day if we need to go potty. He did have a few accidents but now he is actually going poop and pee all by himself so I’m thinking we are good to go! Give her a few days break then try again. She will get it.

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