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How To Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning!

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How To Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning


Keeping a house clean all the time is hard and sometimes impossible. I’ll clean up the toys then five minutes later its back out again! I get so tired of cleaning the same things over and over again! Dusting the hard to reach areas are tedious, cleaning the bathrooms(especially the kid’s bathroom)is nasty! How do the boys manage to pee all over the floor around the toilet? Their aim is terrible! I scrub that toilet a few times a week to make sure the urine is gone!

Boys are gross!

Anywho, I’ve come up with some routines that I like to follow for keeping my house clean for Spring. I seriously do not enjoy to clean but I do love how the house feels when I’m all done!

Heavy Duty Cleaning

  • Mop all the floors and clean off the baseboards throughout your home. If you’ve got kids then get them going on the baseboards while you’re mopping the floors.
  • Get your duster of choice out and start to dust all of the high shelves and light fixtures in your home. Don’t forget to dust the entire house!
  • Clean all the showers, tubs, toilets and bathroom floors.

Lighter Cleaning

  • Get rid of all your old clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore. There are plenty of places these can be donated. You’ll be helping others in need with this step so get going!
  • Go through all your kid’s clothes and store the stuff you can use next year and keep the clothes they are wearing right now. Also, if they are too big for their clothes then you’ll want to donate these to family members or donation centers too!
  • Vacuum all the areas of carpet in your home.
  • Clean toilets.

My goal in life is to always have a clean house but I hate doing the hard work. So, what I do is I follow the heavy duty cleaning list twice a month or as needed and I do the lighter cleaning once a week, minus the getting rid of clothes thing. I only do that once every 6 months. So that is spring and Winter!

Notice how I put to clean the toilets in heavy duty and light? That’s because it just needs it!

Basically, if you follow this cleaning guideline then you’ll see that your house will stay decent until its time for the heavy-duty cleaning again.


I loathe laundry! It has to be done so I do it but I really don’t like it. Saturdays are usually my day for getting it done! The clean clothes don’t last the whole week so about Wednesday is when we need to do more loads. I find this works out pretty well. Just remember to fold the laundry and put it away on the designated laundry days so everything can stay clean and organized!

I’ve had plenty of days where I have refused to fold the laundry so we have had to get it from the clean hamper. It is so much easier to just fold it and put it away! Everything is easily found and smells fresh! I like to do this but sometimes life happens and it doesn’t get done right away. Don’t judge me, I’m only human, ok? I wish I had Mary Poppins powers and could snap my fingers then everything was folded! Seriously though, I wish!

This routine has helped me stay sane with everything that needs to get done around the house. I feel like if I have a list to cross off, it just works better for me.

Do you have any routines you like to follow for house cleaning? I would love to hear your ideas too!




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