How To Budget So You Can Stay Home With Your Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom
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How To Budget So You Can Stay Home With Your Kids

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When my husband and I were talking about having kids a while ago, it was always my dream to be able to stay home with my kids. However, since I became a nurse, this wasn’t going to be an option.

As a nurse, you have to keep up your license in order for it to not expire. I do have the option to take classes instead but I really don’t want to lose my nursing skills so I work super part time. Like, 10 hours a week.

This arrangement works for me because I still get to stay home with my kids but I also get a break from time to time and get adult interaction.

Some people out there want to stay home 100% of the time but they struggle with being able to because of their budget.

I came up with some ideas to help you cut costs so you can hopefully stay home with your kids too!

Cook At Home, Less Eating Out

The majority of the time, we are cooking meals at home. This helps to cut costs on senseless things. On occasion, we will have a treat night and go out to eat but it doesn’t happen very often.

Spending money on food can get too costly so it’s worth it to just eat food at home. I actually have a pretty awesome grocery routine that helps me to save money every month. You can definitely check it out here.

If you do want to go out to eat, just make sure you do your research. Some places have special deals for families where kids can eat free on specific nights.

Try and bake bread at home. Every week, on Saturday or Sunday, you can bake some loaves of bread, slice it up and freeze it.


Let’s talk about cable for a minute. My husband is the one holding us back from canceling our cable because he is obsessed with his sports channels which he can’t get other places.

I could not care less about our cable. We watch Netflix and Plex the majority of the time anyway so I am on board with canceling.

If we canceled, we would probably save at least $100/month.

We have called our cable provider to see what we could cut out to save some money. Having done this, we probably saved about $50/month. At least there’s that!

Cable is a big one that can be cut out to help the budget. It can be a sacrifice to some but I would say it’s worth it.

How To Budget So You Can Stay Home With Your Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom


This can be tricky but as I said earlier, I have a great grocery hack I use that helps save us money every month. Look it up here.

Costco is a once a month thing. Keep an inventory of things you need and are running low on. I do this every month. We have a running list of things we use and need.

I buy my meats from Costco and freeze them. I also will buy my toilet paper and paper towels from there. We try to use a kitchen towel for drying our hands so we don’t burn through all the paper towels. That can really get pricey.

So far, we have managed to make the once a month Costco run work for our budget.

I make a menu of 3 to 4 meals I can make during the week. The list is made on Sunday so Monday, I can go to the grocery store and only buy what I need from my list. I end up going to the grocery store only once a week because of this. This is a huge saving for us.

Living this way has made a huge difference in our finances. I know what my family likes and I only stock up on those things for my pantry and fridge.

Really, you should try this technique because it is awesome.

When you already have a plan of what you will make during the week, you don’t have to worry about coming up with ideas for dinner in the week because you already have your menu set.

We also buy the big block of cheese from Costco and shred it ourselves. It’s a lot cheaper to do it this way. We also cut the block in half and freeze the other half so we have more when we need it. No moldy cheese here!

If you’re not into baking your own loaf of bread, you can buy the loaves from Costco. Sometimes I do this and freeze one loaf but eat the other loaf since they come in two.

Phone Bill

If you’re wanting to stay home, then you can probably cut costs when you cut data out from your cell phone plan and use your actual computer for the internet.

That will be a great idea to save you with your budget.

If you have a home phone, you should just get rid of that and use your cell phone. We have never owned a home phone and we haven’t missed out on anything either.

Family Outings

Sometimes we like to go out as a family to the movies. In Salt Lake City, we have a theatre that does $5 Tuesdays. We can buy the luxury seats for 5 bucks and have a great time. That’s about $25 for my whole family.

Instead of getting treats from the movies, which are outrageous, we will get treats from the dollar store. We also have 2 theatre refillable cups that we use all the time and that saves us money too!

Sometimes we buy a bucket of popcorn and save the bucket for next time. Our theatre allows you to refill the bucket if you save it.

To cut costs, you just need to do some research on different deals around where you live so you can also do these fun things with your family.

At times, we will buy a family pass for the year to either the aquarium or the dinosaur museum. The cost up front is roughly $150-$200 for the whole family but when you go all the time, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Your kids won’t be able to say they’re bored because you’ll always have a place to go for entertainment.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about cutting costs so that you can stay home with your kids. Being on a budget is not all that hard as long as everyone is on board with it.

We have been implementing some of Dave Ramsey’s tips as well which have been helping us a ton.

You should check that out if you need more guidance.

Let me know what you do to cut costs down below.

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