How I'm Preparing For My Summer Body-Half Stay At Home Mom
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How I’m Preparing For My Summer Body

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I was provided with weight loss services for my honest opinion. However, if I do not believe in a company then I wouldn’t promote them.


Now that it’s the middle of February, I am anxious about getting fit and into shape for the summer time. I am about 5’4 and weight about 134 pounds. I definitely don’t have much to lose but I have a number that I am wanting to reach.

Yes, I know, numbers don’t mean all that much when it comes to your health and fitness but I have always had a magic number that I have been striving to achieve.

I’ve always wanted to get back to my weight I was when I got married to my husband.

The day I got married I weighed about 125 pounds. That’s where I want to be again. Not only to prove to myself that I am able to do it but also, I will look amazing in my summer body.

My biggest problem area that bothers me right now is my mom pooch. You know the extra skin you can get after you have a baby? Ya, mine drives me nuts. I’ve had 3 kids so my stomach is my biggest problem.


I heard about MD Diet which has been around for a long time and I was willing to work with them because I am desperate to get rid of my pooch.

When I went into the MD Diet clinic, I saw smiling faces who are happy to be there. The workers were super friendly and knowledgable.

During my first appointment, I was able to take a nutrition class where the teacher Penny told me all about things to stay away from and the foods that I could eat a lot of.

This diet is more of a lifestyle and if you’re ready to be healthy and feel good then you need to start calling it a lifestyle and not a diet because diets don’t work.

One of the first things you do on MD Diet is a 3-day detox. The detox is not a liquid diet. You actually can eat on the detox. The purpose of this is to cleanse your body of toxins. It consists of:

Breakfast: Protein shake

Snack: Navel Orange

Lunch: Lean protein and a veggie

Snack: Navel Orange

Dinner: Lean protein and a veggie

Also, you need to drink at least 64oz of water.

How I'm Preparing For My Summer Body-Half Stay At Home Mom

The amount of food on the detox was plenty for me. One thing I can say is by the third day, I was pretty tired of eating salads. I did, however, lose 2 pounds, 4 ounces.

This doesn’t seem like a ton of weight but that is also because I don’t have very much to lose. Penny, the person leading the nutrition class told me that people who are severely obese will lose a ton of weight in the 3 days.

After my detox, I was able to go back to the clinic to see all my numbers and talk to their nurse practitioner. They were able to get my medical history and any concerns I had.

During this visit, they took a blood sample to test my electrolytes, hemoglobin, iron, and all the things that are important for them to know. They gave me a vitamin B12 shot in my bum to help me while trying to lose weight to give me the important vitamins I need.

The shot didn’t hurt at all!


Penny took me back to her office and talked to me about the actual MD Diet. The diet for me requires that I exercise 3 days a week for just 30 minutes, eat high protein which is about 130 grams a day, and eat 40 grams of carbohydrates per day.

I am supposed to avoid grains for a little bit until I get the hang of things then I can add them in. It’s better to eat a grain before a workout to ensure I am burning it off.

Nothing is off limits but I need to shift my brain to want to be healthy and fit in order to make it work. I still can have rice, bread, sweets but it needs to be within reason or I’ll just gain everything back.

I am just starting this lifestyle change but I am planning on keeping you updated on my progress. If you want to know more about it, check out

I’m hoping to get my summer body in time for the swimming pools and bbq’s.



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