How I'm Preparing For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 3-Half Stay At Home Mom
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How I’m Preparing For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 3

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This is a sponsored post from myself on behalf of MD Diet. All opinions are my own.

MD Diet Update #3

When I did my last post about my weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, I had lost another pound which brought me down to 129. This weight is only 5 pounds away from my goal.

I was doing so amazing and feeling great about myself. People have been commenting on how fit and thin I was looking.

This last week though, I had a bit of a setback. This is in no way the fault of anyone except for me. I am taking full responsibility for my actions.

We have had some birthdays and family gatherings which has made it difficult for me to want to stick to eating healthy. Also, laziness on my own part has caused issues.

My husband has a really big sweet tooth and will eat chocolate and candy in front of me. He knows he shouldn’t be eating that stuff anyway but he isn’t being held accountable so he doesn’t care.

I have succumbed to the sweet tooth that I have gained since marrying my husband. Before we got married, I never ate desserts. It’s not how I grew up.

Our after dinner treat was usually fruit like watermelon and grapes.

I didn’t get to go to the MD clinic last Friday because of some errands I had to run and that is one of the problems. Going to the clinic helps to keep me accountable but since I skipped, I kind of fell off the wagon.

Nobody was there to tell me how I have been doing. When I am home and weigh myself, I don’t really care about the number because it’s just me. However, I noticed when someone else is there to tell me how I am doing, I do better and am more strict so I don’t disappoint myself or anyone else.

Luckily, I haven’t beaten myself up too much by my setbacks.

On Monday of this week, I weighed myself and I was at 132 which is 3 pounds more than I was almost 2 weeks ago. Then Tuesday morning when I weighed myself, I was at 130. This makes me feel so much better because all the progress I’ve been making isn’t all shot to hell.

Today is Wednesday and I weighed myself again. Guess what? I am back to the 129 I was at before!

Eating frequently and smaller meals have sped up my metabolism so if I do cheat on occasion, I don’t completely gain my weight back.

Let’s be honest, if I can’t eat a cookie or ice cream cake on occasion then what is the point of living? I understand limits and I can’t eat like that all the time. I actually don’t eat like that all the time.

Living life without having a treat once in a while is not a life I want to live!

How I'm Preparing For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 3-Half Stay At Home Mom

MD Diet has helped me see the balance of eating healthy and having the occasional treat. You still can enjoy these things but it needs to be within limits. Have a cheat meal or have a dessert on occasion but don’t ruin your progress by binging and gaining everything back.

If you’re wanting to have a carbohydrate with your meal, make sure you’re eating extra protein to counteract the carb.

This week, I am going to make sure I get to the clinic so I am held accountable.

I am trying to be positive and remind myself that I am only human and I will make mistakes. The important part is that I don’t continue making the same mistakes. I know what to eat and when to eat thanks to MD Diet. I just need to get my crap together and not fall off the wagon again.

Take a look at MD Diet for more information on getting your health back.

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