How I'm Getting Ready For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 4-Half Stay At Home Mom
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How I’m Getting Ready For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 4

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of MD Diet. All opinions are my own.


I have been with MD Diet for over two months now and I can say that I’ve learned a lot about self-discipline. Eating just for the sake of eating isn’t something I like to do anymore.

I am conscious of if I am actually hungry or if I’m bored. Maybe I’m thirsty. I make sure to ask myself these questions before wanting to eat something unhealthy.

I’m not going to stop eating the occasional swig cookie though. 😉 All in moderation, right?

Life is all about a balancing act!

My exercise routine is still going strong. I try for at least 3 days a week, if not more. More is always better in my opinion.

I’m feeling healthier and stronger.

My personal goal was to hit 125 but I actually decided to stop at 128. This is a total of 7 pounds down for me. The reason I stopped at 128 was that I kept getting comments that I was looking too thin.

My goal is not to look sick, but to look healthy and I feel like I achieved that ultimate goal for me.

MD DIet is not just for people who have hundreds of pounds to lose, its for anyone wanting to get on a healthy track.

Something that I’m really proud of for myself is that I am picky about what I eat. I don’t want to throw my progress out the window and gain the weight back.

My ultimate goal right now is getting my body more tone. After having kids, my stomach has taken a new shape😂and so toning it up is necessary for me.

Here is my before photo. Don’t laugh, I know, I’m not huge but I hold all my weight in my stomach area which annoys me. I also struggled with high cholesterol and I am pre-diabetic. The belly weight is important to lose because of my risk factors.

How I'm Getting Ready For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 4-Half Stay At Home Mom


My stomach looks bulging in this picture. It reminds me of when I was a few months pregnant. This is where all my weight likes to hang out.

Here is a picture of me after MD Diet. I have flattened out and my arms are looking more tone too. I feel happier and healthier in the after photo.

How I'm Getting Ready For My Summer Body With MD Diet Part 4-Half Stay At Home Mom

As you can see in my after pictures, my stomach has flattened and I’m not bloated like I was. See what I mean? All my weight hangs out in my belly which is terrible for my health risk factors.

My arms are looking slimmer and tone from my workouts.

My plan is to continue eating the way I have learned to eat with MD Diet because whatever they are teaching is working. I don’t feel sick after eating now because I know what to eat and in what amounts.

Binging is a thing of the past. Now, I can eat frequently so that I don’t feel starved for food. I used to binge when I didn’t eat frequently enough. The frequency of eating is one of the most important things we can do to keep our metabolism going.

I know all the things I should do to keep my body in this fat burning mode so that when I do have the occasional cookie, I don’t gain the weight back.

Eating now is just to fuel my body and not to overdo it on anything.

Thanks to MD Diet, I have my health back on track. They have armed me with the correct knowledge on how to fuel my body and what not to do when it comes to my nutrition.

I highly recommend them to anyone I know. If you’re interested in them, check them out at MD Diet.


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