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How I Keep My Garden Growing

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Every year, my husband and I make it a goal to plant vegetables in our raised beds that he made for us. I have always loved to grow my own vegetables but I haven’t always been successful at it. For the life of me, I could never get my bell peppers to grow!

About a year ago, I was in an Epson salt bath just relaxing. I started reading the back of the bag. Did you know that you can use the salts to help grow awesome plants?

Last year was my first year trying this magical salt to help my plants grow. Guess what? The plants were awesome! My tomatoes grew like crazy AND I actually got lots of bell peppers too which I have never been successful with!

This year, my plants are already in the ground and I started the first round of Epson Salt. The main ingredient in these salts is magnesium so many plants just thrive on this! Some plants require a lower amount of magnesium so you’ll want to do your research on those plants. The plants that I have done research on that love magnesium are tomatoes, peppers, and roses.

I didn’t find anything about trees but I recently planted an apple, plum and nectarine tree so I will be keeping an eye on them to see if the Epson Salts work on these too!

Keep in mind, you’ll not want to use Epson salts every day. That will just overdose the plants with magnesium and they might die. I only do the Epson salts once a month! I usually get about 2 teaspoons and sprinkle it on the base of the plants right next to the main stem then Ill water it nicely and the plants just soak it up. I am telling you, Epson salt is where it’s at! Apparently, this magical secret has been around for a long time but I only found out about it a year ago! Cray-Cray!


In my experience with tomatoes, I know they need a little bit of pruning. There are little branches that pop out of nowhere that have no blooms on them at all. They call these “suckers” because they suck all the energy and life away from the branches that are actually producing. Just cut those off as soon as you see them! They are useless to the plant and are only causing it harm.

As you continue to water and prune them, you’ll see how amazing they will turn out and how much they will produce for you! You’ll be swimming in homemade salsa soon enough!!

Speaking of salsa, you can totally use the Epson salt trick if you plant jalapenos as well. Peppers love the extra magnesium!

Here is my cute little tomato plant! No worries, it will be huge in a few weeks!

There’s nothing like a fresh garden grown tomato! Once you are spoiled with them, there’s no going back!

When I have an overabundance of tomatoes, life is good! I will eat them raw, with salt, add them in with my cooking, anything I want. Our most favorite type of tomatoes is San Marzano’s because they are delicious to cook with. We love making homemade pasta sauce out of these tomatoes. These are the tomatoes that they use in Italy for their red sauce. My husband lived there for a few years so he can tell if its a San Marzano sauce or not. This is why we call him the “Italian Food Snob.”

Do you have any tips and tricks to get a perfect garden? I would love to hear your advice down below. Thanks!




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