Having A Work-Life Balance-Half Stay At Home Mom
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Having A Work-Life Balance

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It’s insane for me to believe that I’ve been working as a nurse for 9 whole years. Time sure flies by. I remember how hard it was being a brand new nurse and having a family. Work-life balance was nonexistent and the stress was insane! Also, being brand new, I was working more graveyard shifts because I was the pee-on. Life was really rough. I’m so happy that phase in my life is over.

If you’re currently in a rough phase in your life, just know, it won’t last forever. Everything will end up being ok.

For me, I just added schooling into the mix of my life. I needed to get a bachelors degree in nursing so I’m doing that now online. It’s not hard but its tedious work.

My schedule now is work, school, three kids school and activities, husband got a new traveling job, etc. If it sounds crazy, it’s because it is!

Things are still crazy and hard but it’s a different type of crazy. I’m grateful for my crazy life now that I know I can handle it. It wasn’t always easy though.

Managing Work-Life Balance

In order to have a successful work-life balance, you’ll need to get organized. I don’t mean to go and organize your closets, that would be nice though. I actually mean, you need to learn how to organize your day so it can run smoothly.

I keep a day planner with me at all times because it acts as my “brain.” I’m more of write things down versus put things in electronically. I’m very visual and find that a written planner works best for me.

In my planner, I schedule out everything I have for the month, whether it be work, activities, blogging content, etc. Since I have a set time to do my stuff, I don’t need to spend hours every day doing a little bit of everything. It’s too much to do that. I have designated days for specific tasks.

This technique helps me to have more time with my kids. Also, I try not to be on the computer working when my kids get home from school. So far, it’s been working out great.

For example, my online school is tedious so I leave Sundays and Mondays for getting caught up on all my assignments for the week. Tuesdays are my nursing shifts days so I get things done in the morning if I need to.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are my blogging days. I can sit down, write, design graphics, do social media all on these two days. Fridays and Saturdays are my days off.

Having A Work-Life Balance-Half Stay At Home Mom

Multitasking Is Bad

When I try and multitask, I realize that I lose too much focus and it wastes too much time. If I just sit and focus on one task at a time and not move on until I’m done, I get more done.

I notice when I try and multitask, it takes a few minutes for me to get refocused on my task at hand. Adding these few minutes here and there wastes a ton of my time.

I’m telling you, don’t multitask.

If you’re doing a load of laundry, it would be fine to do something else while the clothes are washing. This type of multitasking is ok.

Learn To Delegate

My mentality is if I want it done right then I need to do it myself. This is the worst mentality to have! I still need to work on this because I like doing things myself.

When things get hard, it’s good to delegate tasks to your husband or an older child to help your work-life balance. Bath time can be tedious. I delegate this task to my husband all the time and he is nice enough to do it for me without complaining.

Do you hate washing dishes? Delegate the task to an older child. It’s good for you and it teaches them responsibilities which in turn is good for them. Don’t feel bad about it either, girl! You do what you gotta do!

Delegating can be tricky when your kids are really young. In this case, you’ll need to delegate to your husband or another family member who is available to help.

Having A Work-Life Balance-Half Stay At Home Mom

Take Breaks

It’s great to be a hard worker and always having something to do that keeps you busy. However, this will quickly put you in burn out mode. It’s super important to take breaks.

Breaks are not only healthy for you but it helps increase the mood of your household when you’re not constantly working.

If you can, take a small vacation, go to the park, take a walk with your kids, etc. Do something that doesn’t require you to do your work.

When I can, I try and take a day off during the week where I literally do nothing. It’s glorious and everyone should do it!

Having work-life balance is not impossible but it does take a conscious effort. I hope you enjoyed some of my tips. If you have more to add, leave me a comment down below.



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