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Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat

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Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat


Do you deal with some picky eaters at home? Or are you the few lucky ones whose child eats everything? It’s hard getting your child to eat when they are so picky.


My 4-year-old has been super picky for a long time. Dinner time can be difficult because it revolves around trying to bribe him to eat anything. It’s exhausting!


My 7-year-old was just as picky as my 4-year-old but he is finally eating what I feed him without a fight. Hallelujah!


Low Pressure Is Best


Keep in mind that high pressure at the dinner table is a bad idea. I learned this the hard way. Don’t pressure them to eat or they won’t eat at all.


My 4 year old can’t be told to eat. He is in opposition of most everything I tell him to do so I tried flipping the switch so to say. 


Mealtime is casual and I place his food in front of him without saying anything to him about it. When I start to comment on the food or how he isn’t eating enough, he will shut down and not eat anything. He needs to feel in charge.


Try to not comment on the meal at all and see if that helps your picky eater start to eat their dinner.


Have Them Help Prepare


Have you thought that maybe if your child helps in the kitchen prepare the meal, they will be more willing to eat the food? This has been difficult for me because I am such a neat freak BUT it does help.


Let your child get in there with the measuring spoons, cups, eggs, whatever. There’s nothing some good old soap won’t be able to clean so just suck it up buttercup and let them dig in.


Odds are, when they are done, they will feel accomplished and you will get them to eat their food!

Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat- Half Stay At Home Mom


Keep Foods Separated


Do your kids hate having their foods mixed up or touching? I realized with my 4-year-old, he does not like it when things are all mushed together or touching. Once I started separating the protein and veggies, he was more likely to eat them.


Your child may not be this way that you know of but maybe try this technique to get your child to eat their meal.


Cut Back On The Snacks


Your child may not be wanting to eat their food because they just aren’t hungry. Does your child snack all day every day and not want to have dinner when its time? 


This is most definitely due to too much snacking during the day. Try cutting back on your children snacking during the day and by dinner time they will probably be hungry enough to eat their entire meal.


If they are stuck on having a snack, try giving them something light, light yogurt or fruit. If you give them chips or a bunch of crackers, getting your child to eat will be difficult.


Give Them One Option


If your child is refusing to eat their meal, only offer them one other option as an alternative. An example would be, toast, or a peanut butter sandwich. I wouldn’t go out of your way to cook them a whole other meal. You have enough on your plate and don’t need the added stress.


If they refuse the alternative to your meal, then they get to go to bed on an empty stomach. This might sound like a harsh way of getting your child to eat but I promise they will come around.


After one or two nights of going to bed without dinner, they will change their tune and just eat whatever they can get.

Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat- Half Stay At Home Mom


Reverse Psychology Works


This has worked for me a few times and I know it can work for you too if it’s done correctly. When it is time for dinner, only serve yourself, your husband and your children who will eat. 


When the little one comes around and everyone is eating you can tell him/her, “you won’t like this food” or “it might be too spicy for you”. Watch how fast they will come around.


Getting your child to eat with reverse psychology really does work. They are totally FOMO and will suck it up just so they’re involved during dinner time.


When In Doubt, Try Supplements


If your child isn’t getting enough nutrients and you are starting to worry, I recommend giving them some vitamins.


I was worried about my 4-year-old so I actually started giving him Carnation Instant Breakfast which is packed with nutrients and it tastes good because it’s chocolate milk, duh! 


Your child will most likely enjoy drinking Carnation too because it really is yummy and it helps to get them the vitamins they need in their tiny bodies.


What Do You Think?


Do you have a picky eater at home? Is getting your child to eat a fight every night? What have you tried in the past? 


I really hope my tips will help you with your child. Let me know if you’ve given any of these a try and if it worked for you.

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