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Give Your Children The Gift Of Reading

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Every year before Christmas, we have a toy purging party. Our playroom is just ridiculous and is covered in toys. My kids don’t even play with half of them so why keep them?

I learned that I cant purge the toys while my kids are home so I always need to be sneaky about it.

Little by little, we give the old toys away to needy families. We do it in little bits so that the kids don’t even notice anything is missing.

The thing about Christmas is we usually end up buying more toys to add to the clutter and I seriously hate this.

My kids just think they can get whatever they want for Christmas because they are asking Santa Clause.

I am so tired of toys all over my house all the time. I really am having a mellow Christmas this year because I can’t deal with any more toys.

The kids will play with their new toys for a few days then get bored and leave it aside which is such a waste of money.

I wanted to find something that would have more of an effect on my children in a positive way. However, if you are into giving your children toys; here is a link to find a list of fun toys by age group here.

The Best Non Toy Gift

Luckily, my kids have been blessed with the love of reading. My daughter is a complete bookworm which makes me happy because I never was growing up. My son has learned the love of reading through watching his big sister read all the time.

I heard about this awesome company called, Lillypost. Have you heard of them before? If you and your children are book lovers then this is the best investment you can ever give your child.

Reading is so important to our children’s development and literacy. Children should read for at least 20 minutes a day and even more would be better.

Reading gives them a chance to use their imagination and increases comprehension.

I remember when I was little, I struggled with comprehension so much. My parents didn’t really push me to read either which attributed to this. If Lillypost was around back then, I know I would have been better off as a kid.

This non-toy gift is also good for any time other than Christmas since children need to read all the time.

All About Lillypost

Every month, you get to choose the books you want to be added to your box. They have books suited for anyone from ages newborn to 7 years old.

The box is delivered to your door every month for as low as $15.95 and the best part is, you get to keep the books!

Every box has books that retail $25-$50 so with the low price of $15, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

The other thing that is so cool about Lillypost is for every box you get to your door, they will give a book to a child less fortunate. So far, they have donated over 20,000 books to children in need which is amazing!

I have a lot of respect for any company who is willing to help those in need and that is why I believe in them.

Benefits Of Reading

Now that we know reading is important, let’s see why it is so important to our children.

  1. Reading helps your children with social skills. When you’re reading, you are using expressive voices and showing gestures. This helps them as they grow to know how to act in social situations. The more animated you are while reading to them, the better! They have more fun and so will you.
  2. Reading helps your children with speaking skills. As you read, you are showing your child how to pronounce and enunciate words. Learning these things will give them a head start in school when most children have a hard time pronouncing many bigger words.
  3. Reading will increase vocabulary in children. While reading with your child, they will hear new words and want to know what they mean. This helps them to increase their vocabulary words which helps a ton with school.
  4. Reading helps your child with empathy. While reading, your child is using their imagination. They are not only able to learn about different situations but they are also able to empathize with the people in that situation. This is so important in their development and growth into teens and adults.
  5. Reading helps you bond with your child.  While you’re reading together, you are also bonding over stories that you get to enjoy with each other.

Now that we know the benefits of reading for our children it is important that they have the right books that interest them or they will get bored and lose interest. With Lillypost, you get to choose what goes into the box.

Your children are able to help you decide what books they want to read and be involved in the decision.

Every month when they get their books, they will be excited and will love to read and expand their imaginations.

If you want to give Lillypost a try, you can click here.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Lillypost and I know you and your children will love reading together.




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