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Finding Joy In Motherhood

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The past few months, I’ve been feeling a little lost, down, confused, and just exhausted. I have always been a positive and happy person but lately its been harder for me.

I have so many things in my life to be grateful for so even talking about being down makes me feel ungrateful. I think it’s normal to feel this way at times.

Finding joy in motherhood is harder than I thought it would be.

My children are happy and healthy. We have a nice home we live in and cars that work well to get us around. We are able to eat well and also have some fun at times. So what gives?

I have a good job being a registered nurse and my husband works his butt off to support our family with his income. I’m lucky enough to go back to school this fall to get my bachelors.

My children are my life. I would do anything for them. They make me happy.

I would say, things are going pretty well.

I learned something though. Happiness needs to be intentional and not expected. Being happy isn’t something that will fall in our laps just because we want it there.

We need to believe we’re happy and happiness will surround us. I believe we are in charge of our attitudes and behaviors. If you want to wake up in the morning in a good mood, you need to make sure you believe it so that you can have the good day you’re wanting to have.

This concept is what I have been struggling with. Being a mom to young kids and having so much on my plate makes me stress out at times.

I need to remind myself, we aren’t born happy but we choose to be happy. Just like, I wasn’t born a registered nurse, I chose to do it and worked hard to get there.


Social Media

As much as I love social media and grateful for all it does for me, I also feel a bit betrayed at times by it. The things that we see and hear on social media are 90% not true.

The pictures we see are of immaculate homes with children’s bedrooms spotless. Let’s get real here, my kid’s rooms can look like a crap hole. This is the reality.

What about the beautiful kitchens with the dishes washed and everything tidy? Ya, today my kitchen looks ok but not every day! My kids come through like little tornados. Finding joy in motherhood can be hard during the weekends when they are home all day making messes.

I find that I am happier when I’m not on social media for long periods of time. Social media is not reality, its la la land. Everyone always has their best foot forward.

Life isn’t always like that. Usually, my home is not tidy and there is always laundry to do. Oh, let’s not forget the freaking dishes!

Unplugging from social media from time to time would be a great thing for mental health in my opinion.

Ridding Negative People

I know first hand, being around negative people will make you more of a negative person.

Happiness dwindles if you’re around toxic people. If you want to be happy, rid yourself of those toxic people.

Sometimes they can even be family members. Decrease the amount of time you hang out with them or see them. It’s too hard to just cut them out of your life completely. However, sometimes it’s necessary.

It’s hard finding joy in motherhood when you don’t feel happy because of toxic people that surround you.

Your children deserve better and getting rid of those people is important for your children’s happiness as well as yours.

Listen, I’m not saying you need to be as happy as the happiest person on the planet all the time, I’m saying just try to be happy as much as you can.

Happiness will attract more happiness for you.

This is something I need to put into practice as well. I need to always find the joy in motherhood and be grateful for what I have surrounding me.

How do you find joy in motherhood? What are you doing to ensure you are happy and living your best life?

I want to know your thoughts down below.

Finding-Joy-In-Motherhood-Half Stay At Home Mom

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