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My Farmhouse Obsession’s


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My obsession with everything farmhouse started with Chip and Joanna Gaines! They are super amazing and the cutest couple! Joanna’s eye for decor and design is amazing! Everything from ship-lap to farm sinks! I want it all!

I have also had this long time desire to live somewhere rural where I can have my own animals and live off the land! Maybe, I can move to Texas and have Joanna design a house for me? I wonder how hard it would be to make that happen! I really would consider moving to Texas if she would design my house for me!

Here are some super cute farmhouse style decor ideas for your home!


The bathroom is s smaller space where I think decorating would be an easy place to start. Let’s start with this adorable soap dispenser! Everything about this soap dispenser screams farmhouse! Right? It’s a glass ball canning jar! Hello!? Its awesome! You need one for your bathroom and one for your kitchen!


Now lets talk about this toilet paper holder! This is made with chicken wire so I am pretty sure this is automatically considered farmy. It adds so much character to your bathroom. I absolutely love this thing!

Every bathroom needs towel holders. Here is my pick for some shabby chic towel hooks. These are really cute and add a nice touch of character to a bathroom. They are new but have the old look which is what I love!


The next thing that will tie things together is this wooden shelf. It has the old wood look that will be perfect for toilet paper storage or bathroom essentials that you need to place somewhere.


The kitchen is where we all migrate to for dinner or to hang out so I make sure its an inviting space for everyone. These storage canisters are cool because they are cute and practical. These are perfect for flour, salt or sugar!


What about these measuring cups? If these aren’t cute to you then I honestly don’t know what is! It looks like a canning jar but its measuring cups! I love this!

I use medal storage baskets in my kitchen for storing onions and potatoes. This basket set is perfect for storing various kitchen items. This makes a statement and is useful as well. I like that this one comes in various colors too.

Do you have a board in your kitchen that you can put down dinners for the week? Here is a felt letter board that is super trendy right now and it can be used to post your daily menu item for your family! These are super cute and come with the letters!


Your bedroom should be one of the most comfortable places on your home. It is for me anyway and I often escape when I need a minute of quiet from the crazy kids!

Light fixtures are important for any room in your house and I think this chandelier is the perfect accent for your bedroom or even the master closet. This is super shabby chic and will look adorable in a farmhouse style home!

I really love storage bins for blankets or laundry. Here is one that I love! It would be great for a bedroom or the bathroom for towel storage.

My kids are a bunch of chickens and need a night light to sleep. I found one that is the exact farmhouse style that I love!! Here is the cutest nightlight ever to exist!


Ok, was that too much farmhouse for you? If you love the farmhouse style but don’t want to completely transform everything to be farmhouse you can just take these bits and pieces that I have recommended and start slow. You can add or take away as needed but little touches of farmhouse style I feel is that way to go!

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and I would love to hear of your favorite decor ideas you use in your home!



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