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Emergency Kit Checklist

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Have you ever thought about what you will do if some serious disaster hit your town? What will you do about your food, water, and electricity?

There are many things to consider if something were to happen. I’m one of those freak shows that have anxiety about this stuff, constantly. Yes, I called myself a freak show.

I’m always thinking, what if I don’t have enough food storage? What if I don’t have enough water? Will my kids be ok if something were to happen?

I think about these things daily and honestly, you should too! Having an emergency kit is super important to me.

I only want the best for my family and so as a mom, you do what you got to do!


Water is the most important thing for our bodies. You can live without food for a few weeks but water is a different story. Our bodies can only live without water for a few days. That’s it!

This should be the top priority on your list when you’re trying to get your emergency kit prepared.

Something I like to do is when I’m grocery shopping, I’ll buy packs of water bottles and put them in my basement to store in case of an emergency.

Sometimes, people want to have big barrels of water for storage which, we also have. I’m telling you, water is important for your survival.

Here is the kind of big barrel we have in case of an emergency.

So, we have two of these 55-gallon blue water barrels. They are BPA-free and come with water treatments and a siphon hose to remove the water.

I feel a lot better knowing we have enough water for me and my family in case of an emergency.

Emergency Kit Checklist


Just because we know we can survive without food for a few weeks doesn’t mean we want to, right? I need food so, food storage for me and the family is important so we don’t get hangry.

There are some things you can do to prepare for an emergency. I like to stock up on some canned goods when I’m at the grocery store. Slowly, you can stock up on a bunch of food if you’re stockpiling cans.

If you’re not into stockpiling cans of food for the emergency kit, then there are food storage supplies you can buy. These are awesome because they have a very long shelf life, like 25 years!

It’s easy because you only need to add water to prepare the meals. The water can come from your big water barrels too.

Here is some food storage you can get to start your emergency kit.

How will you cook these things? As long as you have some propane, you can make it happen with a portable camping stove. This mini stove needs to be in your emergency kit if you want to make your food cook nicely. Also, have some propane tanks on hand because you never know when you’ll need it.


Now, having an emergency kit is great if you have all your bases covered but if you don’t, it’s pretty much going to suck for you. Something to consider is the different seasons and clothing you’ll need to be comfortable.

I would think the best option is to have two emergency bags available. One of these bags will contain clothing for colder temperatures like sweaters, boots, gloves, a jacket, and a beanie.

The other bag should have some warmer weather clothing in it like, jeans, t-shirts, and hiking boots. 

In case an emergency occurs, you’ll be prepared for different temperatures. In the winter, you won’t be freezing and in the summer you won’t be roasting hot. Depending on the weather, you’ll grab the corresponding bag to go.

Don’t worry about having a huge bag. Literally, all you need is a hiking backpack for your clothing.


What if you find yourself in a natural disaster with your children. What will you do if you need something for them to do? Cell phones won’t always be an option especially if there is no connection. 

You’ll definitely need options to keep them happy so things won’t be that bad for everyone. Packing along some playing cards, books, coloring books, and crayons, play dough, etc. Your kids will be happy they have something to do and you’ll feel better knowing they are doing something productive.

Emergency Kit Checklist


What if you find yourself with no electricity? What on earth will you do?  If you have kids then you know how important light is.

Basically, you need to have flashlights, batteries, candles, gas lighters, and matches. These are all the essentials to have in your emergency kit.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is shelter if you’re stranded out somewhere in a natural disaster. Having a tent big enough for your family will be a lifesaver to keep you safe from the harsh weathers that can occur.

I realize after reading this article that it seems a lot like I’m preparing for the zombie apocalypse but honestly, it’s not like that. I hope to impart some knowledge for those who want to be prepared for any type of disaster whether it be a natural disaster or even a physical disaster where you might lose a job.

The emergency kit can definitely be used for all types of disasters. 

The important thing is to always be prepared for any kind of possibility.

Do you have any emergency plans in place just in case? I would love to hear about it down below.




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