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Christmas Gifts On A Budget

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Christmas Gifts On A Budget


Welp, whether we like it or not, the holiday season is fast approaching. Christmas can get so pricey super fast. There are ways to get Christmas gifts on a budget in order to not get into serious debt. 

I actually was doing some research because I was curious to see how much debt people get into during the holiday season. So, about 44% of people get into $1000 of debt during the holidays and about 5% get into over $5000 in debt. Isn’t that insane? That shouldn’t be happening.

Depending on how much you make, it can take you a really long time to pay the debt off. The best option would be to get Christmas gifts on a budget.  On average, people expect to spend about $1000 on gifts for Christmas. However, many people don’t have this much to spend so what to do?

It’s always smart to start off with making a Christmas budget. We do this at our house and it’s helped us so much. Every two weeks when we get paid, we set aside about $50-$75 to a specific Christmas account. By the time the holidays roll around, we have enough in the account to get all the gifts we need. If you haven’t thought about doing this, you really need to. It’s the easiest and most effective option to be prepared for the holiday season.

I have figured out ways to cut some corners during the holidays so you can get Christmas gifts on a budget. Surprisingly, it isn’t all that hard; it just takes some creativity.

Meal Prepping

Do you have family members that are super busy working all the time? What do they do for dinners when they come home? Last year, I did something for my mother in law because shes one of those that’s always working and never has time for cooking. I figured out some crockpot freezer meals I could make to give her. 

I made enough meals to last her for about 4 months. These were all recipes I found on Pinterest and they had good reviews. Everything was easy to store in the freezer and there was no prep work necessary.

This option is definitely something you could think about doing for a family member who has no time for cooking.

Christmas Gifts On A Budget-Half Stay At Home Mom

Popcorn Bin

Who doesn’t like a big bucket of snacks? I remember when I got married, someone got me a bucket full of popcorn, candy, red vines, drinks, etc. It had a note with it that said, “date night bucket.” This was the cutest idea ever! My husband and I loved this and definitely got great use out of it.

This is a great idea for a Christmas gift on a budget. You can even go to the dollar store to get the bucket and some snacks there. Any other snack that they don’t have you can buy from the grocery store. 

I am certain anyone would love this type of Christmas gift. It’s thoughtful and useful, also budget-friendly.

DIY Gift

Do your parents or inlaws love getting family photos of you? Well, why not make a pretty family photo frame and put the photo in there to give as a gift? 

My mother in law loves to get pictures of us and her grandkids framed so she can put it on her wall. It’s super cheap and very thoughtful.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like taking pictures, at all! So what would I do for a gift? Walmart sells blank canvas you can buy for super cheap and they have paints right next to them you can buy.

Have your kids make a handprint picture for your parents or in-laws to keep. Don’t forget to put the year on the picture so you can remember how old your kid was when you made the picture.

This is a super cute gift idea that your family will definitely love.

Christmas Gifts On A Budget-Half Stay At Home Mom

Be Conservative

During the holidays, I see so many people buying their children tons and tons of stuff. I don’t see the purpose in doing this. First of all, why spoil the crap out of your kids? They don’t even fully appreciate it or get good use out of it.

Some people I know will buy their children everything they put on their Christmas lists. This is completely insane to me and worthless.

We made it a point in our home not to spoil our kids every Christmas. We buy each kid one “big” gift from us and another gift from “Santa.” Then we buy them stalking stuffers, pajamas, and clothes for the other stuff. They have always loved and appreciated the gifts they received and it also didn’t break our wallets.

Being conservative makes it easier to get Christmas gifts on a budget. The kids will still love and appreciate you but also won’t be huge spoiled brats.

Secret Santa

If the above ideas don’t sound feasible to you then think about doing a secret Santa for the holidays. This is where you draw names with your entire family and everyone will need to buy a gift for the person they drew out of the bowl.

You can even set a price limit for the gift. For example, nobody should spend more than $40 on a gift. This is just an example but you can set whatever price range you think is feasible for the family.

Obviously, since this is the type of activity which makes everyone only get one gift, don’t cheap out on it. It’s not cool if someone gets a new makeup kit or something awesome and someone else gets socks and candy. Like, come on, thats lame. It needs to be nice and something the other person will be happy to get.

There you have it! These are all my ideas to get Christmas gifts on a budget. What do you think of these? Are there other ideas you have that would be super awesome? I would love to know in the comments below.


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