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    Rice Pilaf

    Rice Pilaf   There are just a few side dishes that are my go to’s! Roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, and my rice pilaf! My kids love this stuff and shovel it in! My rice pilaf will go on the side of any main dish perfectly! My most favorite type of rice is Basmati. It is so fragrant and flavorful on its own already but when you add just a bit of flavoring it takes this stuff to another level! This stuff is extremely easy to make and once you make it, you’ll never go back to the rice cooker or any type of minute rice! Print Rice Pilaf Here is my…

  • Easy Summer Bean Salad
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    Easy Summer Bean Salad

    Easy Summer Bean Salad   This post may contain affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase something from my link at no extra cost to you.    Summertime is here and I am so excited about it! The warm weather, BBQ’s, pool time, sleeping in, and vacations! I’m not really going on lots of vacations, just one but still! During the Summer, I don’t feel as hungry as I do during the fall or winter. I eat lots and lots of watermelon and salads. What is the most famous salad you see at BBQ’s? It’s definitely potato salad for me. I love potato salad!! I love…

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    My Favorite Side Dish!

    Roasted Potatoes   I like to call myself a serious foodie! The thing that makes me the happiest in life are the things that I love to eat. These things can vary from day to day depending on my current mood. Seriously though, I can eat anything! If there’s a new restaurant that opens up and I have never been, I will try to go as soon as I can. I’m not the type of person that goes to a restaurant and gets the same things over and over. I want to branch out and try new things! You know what else? If I know I’m going on a trip somewhere,…