• Why toddlers have meltdown when mom is around.-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Why Toddlers Have Meltdowns When Mom Is Around

    In the previous articles that I have written, I have expressed to you how difficult my toddler can be sometimes. He throws tantrums, he screams, he cries; all while ignoring my requests to stop. We are constantly butting heads. I become very frustrated and angry which triggers his frustration even more; then it becomes a whole vicious cycle. Anytime he is at preschool, he is the perfect angel. If he is ever with a family member, he is also very well behaved. At times I wonder what I’m even doing wrong? Why does my kid hate me? Why can’t I control his behavior? Ever wonder why your toddler is so…

  • Stop Losing Your Mind Shopping With Toddlers-Half Stay At Home Mom
    Mom Rantings

    Mom Rant: Stop Losing Your Mind Shopping With Toddlers

    This blog post is definitely showing my frazzled side and I am using this platform to get some rantings off my chest. Hope you don’t mind. Today, I needed to run to Costco for two items and I was dreading it the whole time because I had my¬†toddler with me. Needless to say, he is my most difficult child. It takes 10 minutes to leave the house. It takes 5 minutes to get in the car. Oh, finally, we get to Costco and it takes 20 minutes to get out of the car. Why do I even try to leave the house anymore? I finally grab my toddler by the…

  • Mom Rantings

    Mom Rantings

    Sometimes, a mom needs to have a place where she can just vent or let out her feelings. I created this mom rantings page specifically for that. I apologize if some of my opinions don’t coincide with yours, no judging here. Being a mother in this day and age is really hard and I get it! I have 3 kids so being able to talk about my concerns when it comes to parenting is important for me. Mom rantings might sound like a negative thing but it actually isn’t! I love being a mom and my kids bring me lots of joy but sometimes they also bring me stress and…