• Top 5 Things You Should Stop Doing As A Mom-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Top 5 Things You Should Stop Doing As A Mom

    Our jobs as a mom or parent of a child can be difficult. I do feel like I am doing an OK job but sometimes I feel like there are areas I need to improve on. It’s ok to improve our parenting skills. Being a parent is a part of adapting and changing, going with the flow. Just because you need to stop things as a mom doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent. Actually, the fact that you want to change and do better means you’re an AMAZING parent! Good for you, mama! There are some things I know I do that needs to go, now! I have learned quite…

  • Anger Management For Children-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Anger Management For Children

      Does your child have a hard time with anger management?   When a child is frustrated or angry, their emotions can turn into rage quickly if it isn’t handled. At times, the rage can turn into physical harming of others. I for one hate it when my kids fight and hit each other in anger.   There are some ways to help anger management for your children if it is needed.   It doesn’t mean you will turn your children into perfect little angels but it definitely will give you a starting point.     Be A Good Example For Your Children     I can learn a thing…

  • Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat- Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat

    This post contains affiliate links. Guide To Getting Your Child To Eat   Do you deal with some picky eaters at home? Or are you the few lucky ones whose child eats everything? It’s hard getting your child to eat when they are so picky.   My 4-year-old has been super picky for a long time. Dinner time can be difficult because it revolves around trying to bribe him to eat anything. It’s exhausting!   My 7-year-old was just as picky as my 4-year-old but he is finally eating what I feed him without a fight. Hallelujah!   Low Pressure Is Best   Keep in mind that high pressure at…

  • Summertime Reading For Your Kids-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Summertime Reading For Your Kids

    Do your kids voluntarily read on their own during summertime? Yes? Well, consider yourself the luckiest person on the planet. Reading for your kids is something that needs to continue over the summer so that they don’t fall behind when they go back to school.  My kids aren’t those people who like to get up and read so we’ve been working at it for a few weeks. I have actually implemented reading in our daily routine so it’s becoming easier. The dream is that they would read all the time but, let’s be honest, I’m not that lucky. We actually have a chore chart that’s taped up in our kitchen…

  • Making Chores For Your Children-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Chores For Your Children

    If you’re anything like me, doing chores is something you don’t enjoy but needs to get done. With young children running in and out all day long, things can get messy. I for one hate constantly cleaning up after the messes. I’ll be cleaning in one room while my almost 4 year old will be in the pantry taking out all the snacks he could find. It just takes a lot of time and effort to be the only one in the house that cleans. Children just need some direction in order to be the great helpers we all know they can be. Chores for your children is a fabulous…

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    SummerTime Fun In Utah

    Summertime is coming up real fast. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m excited because I don’t need to get up and drive kids early in the morning. I won’t need to deal with my kids moving like a literal snail in the morning. No more making lunches, no more yelling at my kids to hurry it up or we’re going to be late. While I am SUPER excited about all of this, I am also stressed out trying to figure out what to do over the summer so I don’t go insane trying to entertain kids. Summertime fun is important to my sanity and I’ve been doing research for…

  • The Best Work From Home Jobs For Moms-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    The Best Work From Home Job For Moms

    This post contains affiliate links.   I have always wanted to work from home and be able to stay with my kids. I started putting my brain to work and think about my options. My life has been pretty busy the last year. Since starting my blog, I have had many collaboration opportunities that take up some time. I have loved it. Starting my blog has been the greatest experience for me. I have been able to get out of my comfort zone a bit which is always scary for an introvert like me. If you are interested in starting a blog, check out all my resources here. In the…

  • Valentine's Crafty Wreath For The Home (2)
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    Valentine’s Crafty Wreath For The Home

    I never used to think of myself as being a crafty person but I gotta say, over the last year I have really been enjoying doing crafty things. Crafts are very relaxing and kind of therapeutic because you are sitting in silence, really focused on the task at hand. Valentines is coming up quickly and I wanted to do something fun for my kids to enjoy and cute to have in the house. This Valentine’s wreath was the perfect thing! The dollar store is where I scored everything I needed for this craft. All the things you see only cost me, 7 buckaroos! I was super excited about this deal. Seriously,…

  • Give Your Children The Gift Of Reading-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    Give Your Children The Gift Of Reading

    This post contains affiliate links which means I will get a small commission when you purchase from my link at no cost to you.  Every year before Christmas, we have a toy purging party. Our playroom is just ridiculous and is covered in toys. My kids don’t even play with half of them so why keep them? I learned that I cant purge the toys while my kids are home so I always need to be sneaky about it. Little by little, we give the old toys away to needy families. We do it in little bits so that the kids don’t even notice anything is missing. The thing about Christmas…

  • The best unique Christmas gifts for your kids-Half Stay At Home Mom
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    The Best Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Kids

    This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you purchase from one of my links at no cost to you.   Christmas gifts are one of those things that I struggled with for a long time. I have three kids so when I get them gifts, they’ll play with them for a few months then they are shunned aside forever.  This totally seems like a waste to me but then again, what am I supposed to do? Never buy them Christmas gifts? No, I can’t do that because I would feel awful. Somethings I realized is that Christmas gifts don’t need to cost a…