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Being Conscious Of The Products We Use

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Being Conscious Of Products We Use On Our Kids

The products I received for this post are in exchange for my honest review.

You know whats fun? Having eczema! JK! That crap is the worst! I have been struggling with eczema on my skin and mostly my hands for YEARS! My hands will crack and bleed too because we live in Utah and the air here is super dry. I will slather on lotions and creams but nothing will ever take it away.

My kids have been blessed with my wonderful skin too😉. HAHA, more like a curse. Seriously, they all have had bouts of eczema at some point in their lives.

My youngest kid has it so bad behind his knees and all over his arms. He will sometimes scratch and scratch until it bleeds. I have tried several things including steroid creams to try and help but nothing has really helped in the long run. I’m wary of using the steroid creams too much because prolonged use can thin out the skin. Wouldnt that defeat the purpose? We need our skin as a barrier so thinning it out will not be good. I have used it for serious flare-ups but I can’t use it for a long time.

Anyway, I wouldn’t call myself a crunchy or granola mom but in some ways I guess I am because I do pay attention to what goes on my kids’ skin. I’m careful with sunscreens and basically anything that is absorbed through the skin.

Natural Baby Skin Care

I have been looking for products to use on my children’s skin to help alleviate the dryness and itchiness that comes along with eczema. I came across a product I’ve never tried before. The company is E-raorganics. They sent me their Lavender Vanilla baby lotion. I love that it is nut free, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, paraben free, and non-toxic. It is safe for basically anyone to use, unless you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in the bottle, of course.

E-raorganics- Half Stay At Home Mom

All the ingredients in the bottle are organic and natural so I can rest easy knowing that putting it on my children’s won’t cause damage to them. The smell is very light and mellow to not cause irritation. I am sensitive to very strong smells and this lotion smells very pleasant and mild.

E-raorganics Ingredients- Half Stay At Home Mom

The texture at first is very light and I was worried that it wouldn’t really moisturize his skin. I was wrong because when you rub it into your skin it feels creamy and thick. It made his skin feel really nice and smooth.

I was telling my friends at E-raorganics how bad my sons eczema has been. They were so thoughtful and sent me the super balm for his skin too.

This stuff is thick! Like, it will form a nice barrier around any broken down skin to help protect and moisturize! I love this stuff! I will use it on my hands too because I have so many dry patches.

E-raorganics Super Balm Ingredients- Half Stay At Home Mom

The products have been a lifesaver. I can totally tell that my youngest child’s skin is already starting to look better after only a week of using it on him. My hands have even improved since using this stuff.

I’ve only used the product for one week and it has been super awesome to help heal my sons cracked and irritated skin. This makes me happy because I’m not using any harsh creams or ointments to help heal his eczema. I feel good about using this product.

Are there any products out there that you refuse to use on your children? What have you used to help with eczema? I would love to hear about your experiences with products you prefer to use on your children.



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