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House Plants

This is a paid product review. All opinions are my own and I do not recommend a product that I don’t believe in. 

Growing up, I always thought people who had houseplants in their homes were kind of grandma-ish. My mom always had them and she was one to always talk to them when she would water the pots.

Now that I’m in my 30’s, I have been loving house plants. They add so much character and color to your home. My problem is that I am busy with 3 kids so I usually forget to water and the plants end up dying, which is sad and a waste. Also, my youngest thinks its fun to pick off leaves or fruit from the trees outside so I can’t have anything real inside my house. He will destroy them!

I recently had the opportunity to work with Interior Landscape Design to get some pretty potted plants for my home. These plants are easy to take care of because they aren’t real. They are the most realistic looking “fake” plants I have ever seen. These are low maintenance and add a beautiful touch to my home.

All of their plants are beautiful! They have several different types, colors, and styles of plants. Basically, anything you can dream up, they have. The plants have smooth surfaces so it is easy to clean. This is an important detail for me because I am so busy with my kids, I don’t need another thing to worry about cleaning so this makes it easy for me.

These 3 came in glass planters and are known as the agave plant. They are very simple and beautiful. I have these on a shelf in my kitchen to give it some extra freshness. The pots are made of glass so I will make sure these are always placed high so my kids won’t get a hold of them. I really do love these. They are gorgeous!!

Do these not look realistic? I am loving how they look in my house. Since they are so simple and minimalistic, I will be able to move these around as I see fit. It will be the perfect addition to an entryway table or even look beautiful in a bathroom. The best part is that my kids can’t destroy it because they aren’t real. These will last forever.

I’m kind of obsessed now and want to add a ton more green plants into my home. Is there such thing as being a plant lady? I might have a problem.

It gives it a good feeling for sure! Also, I’m learning that artificial plants are THE thing right now!

Are you looking to add some color to your home but worry about your kids destroying them? Check these artificial ones out instead and rest assured, they will last a long time. Here is where you can find some beautiful pieces to give you the freshness you’re looking for. If you use my code BLOGGER10, you will get 10% off your purchase. They have so many different options that your head will start spinning.

Do you like adding plants into your home? What are your favorites? Are you a fan of real or artificial? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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